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The Squat Challenge: Day 30

OK y'all.  This is the last day of the challenge.  The goal for today is to complete 175 squats.  You can do it!  When you've finished, CELEBRATE!

So, how did everyone do?  Post a comment and let me know.

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When Auntie First Got Her Groove: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 14

A picture you love.  [Blog Challenge:  Day 14]

This picture was taken in the fall of 1988 when I was a Junior in high school.  It was my first season of marching band.  You would think that a picture I love wouldn't be one taken during a time when I was very unhealthy and, quite frankly, I looked a hot mess.  As you can see, I'm practically stuffed into that hot as hades, butt ugly uniform, I have a Jherri Curl, and I'm wearing one of the ugliest pairs of glasses I've ever owned.  So, why do I like this picture?
It's not how I looked that mattered; it's what this time in my life meant to me.  Then is when my lifelong love of being a musician started.  Then is when I finally looked forward to going to school every day.  Then is when I found my niche--I had something special that no amount of bullying (even from the rest of the drumline) could take way.  Then is when I found my little corner of happiness.  No matter how the rest of my day at school went, I just had to make it to sixth period so I could strap on my snare drum and be somebody.  Then is when the "cool" kids could say anything about me they wanted and it didn't phase me.  After all, every Friday I WAS a cool kid:  I was at every football game, sat in the best seats in the stadium, and hit the field at halftime for the whole crowd to see.  The other kids couldn't do what I did.  Ha ha!  Take that, beauty queens!  Beauty is fleeting, but drumline is forever!
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All I Have to Do is Dream: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 13

Your life’s goals.  [Blog Challenge:  Day 13]

List time again This is not an exhaustive or detailed list, but it's a start:
  • To be and do everything that God intended for me to in my life.  That would pretty much cover it all, but I figured you needed a little more than that.
  • To get down to my goal weight and stay there
  • To get a good job that will lead to me doing what really want to do in life (California here I come...)
  • To get out of debt and do my "debt free scream" on the Dave Ramsey Show.
  • To buy my ultimate pickup truck
  • To own a house (more on that later)
  • To finish a Bible Correspondence course I started years ago.
  • To get my Doctorate 
  • To travel 
  • To go on a missions trip or two
  • To write books and have them published
  • To be a paid musician and be on a recording or two
  • To successfully restart my craft business
  • To really love and help people
  • TBA
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The Squat Challenge: Day 17

Happy Monday, y'all:  Let's get our week started off with 50 squats.  Go!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Auntie's "Progress Dress"

I recently reread some posts on the A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss blog.  I don't agree with many of the author's views and I think her site is very racist at times, but she does make some good points about fitness.  Like a good horse, I eat the hay and spit out the sticks.  Her post about the "Progress Dress" caught my eye:
My progress dress helped me to actually see what the changes to my body meant for my wardrobe possibilities. I mean, be honest – we look at ourselves naked every day. Especially for those of us who might criticize ourselves [unnecessarily] every day, it may be hard to see our progress because we expect to wake up one morning and see [insert "problem" area] gone away. Having one dress to turn to every couple of weeks makes a great deal of difference in appreciating our progress.
A while back, I attempted to have a progress dress.  I lost weight, tried the dress on, and it didn't fit right.  I lost more weight, tried the dress on, and it still didn't fit right.  I lost even more weight, tried the dress on, and, you guessed it, that puppy was still not fitting properly.  I finally figured out that no matter how much I lost, that dress was still not going to look well on me.  My mistake was that there was no "wow" to the dress at all--nothing to keep me motivated.  No, it was not "certified hoochie wear" like my girl's progress dress.  In fact, the dress was the direct opposite:  very matronly, stodgy, and downright butt ugly.  I liked the cut of it, but the coloring was something my nearly 80-year old mother wouldn't ever wear.  Oh snap!  I let the dress go to the happy hunting grounds.  Oh, I forgot to mention that this dress was so old that the inside and lining of it was all stringy and not fit for anything, so I wouldn't give it away.

I had a pair of progress blue jean shorts for a while.  I literally had to pack my ample belly in them to get them on and I had a hard time breathing in them.  I lost about 20 pounds and now they fit well enough to wear outside the house.  So, what's next?

Well, I was blessed with some clothes from a friend and in them was this little number.  As you can see, I can at least get into the dress, but it's not ready for public consumption by any stretch of the imagination.  No, I do not know where I will be wearing it once it fits well.  Heck, if it looks half as good as I think it will look on me, I'll wear it to WAL-MART.  Yes, I realize that it may be cold weather again before I get down far enough for that, but I don't care; I'll wear it ANYWAY.

The reason I wanted a progress dress is because, like the blog author, I could see progress in the numbers on the scale, but not really see them when I looked at myself in the mirror.  I try to take my measurements, but I end up wondering if I am doing them correctly, or am I sabotaging myself with too big measurements.

I'm not sure how I feel about the trying to feel "sexy" or "look hot naked" thing the blog author talked about.  I'm not married, nor am I trying to "catch a man."  I do want to look nice and feel good about going out in public.  I care deeply about being a good example to those around me.  No, I'm not trying to be a fitness guru or anyone's food police, but Celebrate Recovery's Principle eight states:  "Yield myself to God to be used to bring this good news to others, both by my example and by my words."  If I am going to be that example, I can't just talk a good talk.  I've got to walk it out.  I've got to live it out.

So, every few weeks, I'll try the dress on again and update y'all.

Do you have any "progress" wear you are working on?
UPDATE: I'm not progressing as fast as I would like.  Maybe in another few months I'll have something to report.  For now, me and the dress still look the same.  (12/28/13)

UPDATE #2:  Still can't wear it.  (04/20/16)

UPDATE #3:  I'm sure I could wear it now...if I had it.  I've moved several times since this post, so I didn't have room to keep the dress.  (01/12/18)

This is My Creed: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 12

What do you believe?  [Blog Challenge:  Day 12]

Mere words cannot answer that question, so I will share a song that answers it perfectly.  Enjoy y'all.

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Auntie's Day Out: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 11

A recent photo you took.  [Blog Challenge:  Day 11]

Auntie has the blues.   I wish I knew why my mind works the way it does sometimes.  Good things have happened this week with my dryer being fixed and all (no more crispy towels).  But, I've just had a few too many sucky things happen at the same time.  Some I will mention here, some I will not. 
My father passed away nine years ago, but Father's Day never saddened me before.  Not to be snarky, but I'd gotten jaded to the feelings of loneliness before my Dad died because he never went to church with me anyway, much less on Father's Day.  I'd grown accustomed to tuning out Father's Day sermons at church.  Sorry y'all, but I think Dads should be honored and respected on Father's Day, instead of being treated like dead beats, even when they're not.  Mother's Day is celebrated that way, why not Father's Day?   But I digress. 
For some reason, this Father's Day season was hard for me.  I started feeling the blues creep up on me last week during Vacation Bible School (VBS).  I won't go into any details, but let's just say my attempts to volunteer were not very successful.  When I walk into a room and everyone knows or is related to each other and I get that "you are a round peg trying to fit into a square hole" feeling in my gut, I can guarantee that no matter how hard I try, this is going to suck.  And it did.  I so looked forward to it because it's been years since I've been able to help with VBS, but I only made it through two days before I threw in the towel.  Oh well maybe next a different section...
Then, I started dealing with some of the unmentionable incidents; more blues.  By the time the hormone fairy paid a visit, I was in full blown depressive binge mode.  Oh, crap! Not again. I can't do this to myself again!
I tried to head this off by "kidnapping" my baby girls and having a fun day with them yesterday.  This is where the pictures come in.  I got my nieces' youngest children; "Mini Me" (6), "Ray-Ray" (2),  and "Honey Boo Boo" (almost 4).  We had a fun, silly day complete with hula hoops, bubbles, water fights, painting, and playing with "clouds in a can" (a can of shaving cream in the hands of a former preschool teacher goes a long way).  We ate chicken fingers and fries and drank Kool-Aid (don't wag your co-dependent finger at me!).  We played and laughed all day, topped that off with a nap, then the ride home was filled with dancing to the "Secretariat Dance" and the "Move it, Move it" song (honey, I do that when there's no kids in the car).  The girls were so well behaved and such a joy to me.  However, the minute I got back home and got too still and quiet, the icy fingers of depression started to wrap themselves around my heart again.
Today was very difficult, and everything seemed to go wrong:  I barely made it out of bed in time to get ready for church, I was cramping like crazy, my sheet music for worship was in the wrong key and I transpose very slowly (carry the one, square root of two...), I bent over to pull my bass out of the stand and poked my eye on the stand (don't ask how, I don't know!)  I think I have the beginnings of a black eye, but I can't tell.  I was in such a pissy mood that I didn't even go to Sunday School (plus I didn't get to eat breakfast, so I had to go get something).  No one needed my bad humor, plus it was my own fault and I needed to find a way to deal with it. 
After church, some friends invited me to lunch.  They knew I wasn't doing well without my telling them.  They lovingly drew out of me what was going on.  Getting to talk it out helped so much. After lunch, I went home, took a nap, tried on a bunch of clothes I had just been blessed with (another good thing for today), and sat down and looked at the pictures of my girls from yesterday.  They make me smile.  They seemed to help me remember that it was O.K. that I wasn't yet a wife and a mommy and that I was perfect just being an auntie.  Now, maybe I can beat this funk and win yet another battle.

Yes, I fit two car sets and a booster seat in the back seat of my Honda!

We are just too silly for our own good.

Playing with "clouds in a can."  Still wondering how they got it in some of the places I found it.  My living room still smells like shaving cream.


Auntie's Babies painting in her make mess room.  LOVE IT!
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The Squat Challenge: Day 16

Today's challenge: 80 squats

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Squat Challenge: Day 15

We are now officially halfway through the challenge.  It's a rest day for us.  So, how's everyone doing?

Friday, June 14, 2013

I Ain't Never Been Nowhere! Part 2: 30-Day Blog Chalenge, Day 10

Share something you're afraid of.  [Blog Challenge:  Day 10]

I think I have the “normal” fears that most people have:  fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of dying alone, fear of choking in front of people, fear of being seen naked, you know, everyday stuff like that.  But then I have some insanely stupid fears.  Let’s deconstruct one of the goofball fears in Auntie’s psyche, shall we?

Driving on the interstate scares the mess out of me.  OK, to be fair, I learned to drive by watching my Dad drive for 25 years. He never drove on the interstate.  His philosophy was “If there ain’t a back road or a place to turn around, I ain’t goin’.”  When I finally started driving in my late 20’s, that was my thought also.  Plus, every time I’d driven on the interstate I was lost and not supposed to be on the interstate at all!  So, being on I-20 has only been a white knuckles gripping the steering wheel, pee-in-my-pants kind of experience.  However, my thoughts have changed.  I want to go new places and see new things.  I can’t count how many concerts, job opportunities, and awesome Bible conferences I’ve missed because I was too danged afraid to get off of Alabama Highway 21.  Like my fears associated with Burger King, I do want to conquer this fear.  But like anything else, I don’t think it is a fear I can conquer alone.  What I need is to know that someone could either go with me and help me when I need it, or someone who would be willing to come get me if I got lost (or at least talk me out of crapping my pants).  I think that I will start with something simple like driving to America’s Thrift Store in Pell City, Alabama the normal way I go (over AL 144 through Ragland, AL) and come back over I-20.  I would already know where to get off. I would be familiarizing myself with what it’s like to drive the freeway without much fear of getting lost (Exit 185 baby).  But it would give me the experience of getting on and off the interstate.  I’ll let you know how it goes…when I work up the nerve to do it. 

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The Squat Challenge: Day 14

In my "The Count" from Sesame Street voice:  That 50.  Fifty squats, ah, ah, ah.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friends are Friends Forever, Unless You Want to Take Their Picture: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 9

Share a photo of your friends. [Blog Challenge:  Day 9]

I would love to show you some lovely pictures of my friends.  I wish you could see all the sweet ladies in my Sunday school class laughing and hugging.  I long to post pictures of my buddies from Celebrate Recovery celebrating their freedom.  My pictures of my band mates from the Community Band and church music ministry would be awesome to show you…if I had them.  You see, I don’t have any of the pictures.  One, because every digital camera I have ever owned has been really cheap and I refuse to keep blurry photos.  (OCD anyone?)  But there’s an even bigger problem.
No matter what size, shape, or color my friends are, the ladies all say the same thing when someone wants to take photos, “Oh don’t!  I look horrible and I feel so fat!”  What has society done to us?  We have a plethora of cameras, camera phones, and digital photo displays, yet pictorial evidence of our fondest memories are absent.  And why?  Because we are ashamed of how we look or because we don’t want evidence that we don’t look like society says we should look.  “Oh yeah, we’ll get good family pictures made when I lose 20 pounds.”  And on it goes until all the family grows up around us or passes on to eternity.  I’m not picking on you.  I’ve done the same thing.  Moments of my life have been lost because of the shame mentality.  I thought about it one day when I realized that the last picture my Dad and I took together is from when I was six years old.  Both my own shame and other people’s shame kept us from taking any other pictures together.  Dad’s been gone for 9 years now, so there's no fixing it. 


So, unfortunately, I have nothing recent to share.

 Picture of Daddy and me in 1978

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The Squat Challenge: Day 13

75 squats for today.  Ready, set, SQUAT:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Daddy Dearest

Wednesday Hodgepodge questions come from
What do you think makes a good dad?
Good dads love God more than anyone else.  That way they know best how to love others.  Good dads provide for their children; not just financially, but emotionally as well.  Good dads laugh and cry in front of their children and are willing to say both “I was wrong” and “I love you.”  Good dads hug a lot.  Good dads defend their children when they need it, and tear up their children’s rear ends when they need it.  Good dads support their wives/baby’s mamas. Good dads don’t hit the mother of their children with a fist or with words.
What is something you learned from your own father?
I learned about cars from Daddy.  I know how to pick out a good car, but Dad also told me to always take a man with me when I shop for cars to keep from getting ripped off.  I also learned from him how to get a general idea of what’s wrong with a car by sound it does or does not make.
It’s your birthday, what kind of cake will we be having?
A cake that is in the shape of a New Balance running shoe.  It will be Red Velvet on the inside with cream cheese icing.  **purrs like Eartha Kitt**  Oh yeah, we need butter pecan ice cream to go with it.  **purrs like Julie Newmar**
When you're faced with a big decision are you more of a go with your gut type of person, or are you someone who reasons it all out, weighing the pros and cons?
A little of both.

June is National Dairy Month.  What's your favorite dairy item?  Most often purchased dairy item?
My favorite dairy item is ice cream, but the most often purchased would be plain yogurt.  I like to mix it with fruit.  I’m also going to learn how to make smoothies/shakes with yogurt and fruit.
Explorer Jacques Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910...what's something you've recently discovered or something you'd like to explore?
I would love to go scuba diving and explore the ocean. I would love to travel and see new places and experience new cultures.
Are you typical of your generation?
Absolutely not! 
Insert your own random thought here.
I really miss my dad.


I Ain't Never Been Nowhere! Part 1: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 8

Talk About a Great Place You Have Traveled to. [Blog Challenge:  Day 8]

Let’s be real.  Auntie hasn’t traveled much.  When I was a kid, summer vacation was a “staycation” before they invented a hip way to say "we're too broke to go anywhere."  I stayed at home, played, ate, went swimming, ate, rode bikes, ate, watched TV, listened to music, ate, read, and…ate.  As an adult, I went to Florida and California a couple of times, but none of these trips were relaxing vacations.  They were all in the context of work or study (conferences and such).

The best trip I ever went on was my first trip to Lake Forest, California.  Yes, it was for a conference—the Celebrate Recovery Summit--but it was still an awesome trip.  It was the first time I’d ever flown on a plane.  It was, of course, the first time I’d seen the Pacific Ocean.  We went down to Laguna Beach and put our feet in the ocean.  This trip made me want to come back to California to stay.  When I stepped out onto the sidewalk of the John Wayne Airport, I felt like I was home.  I thought the feeling would fade, but I felt the same way when I went back the next year.   If it’s God’s will, I will be back to southern California to work and live (in that order).

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The Squat Challenge: Day 12

After yesterday's big challenge, today will be easier.  It's 40 squats for today.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Christmas in June: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 7

Favorite Films. [Blog Challenge:  Day 7]

Let’s just cut to the chase.  My all time favorite movie is A Christmas Carol.  This movie has been made in various versions over the years, some good, some not-so-good (ok, the one with Cicily Tyson absolutely sucked dirt).  My favorite versions are as follows:
The George C. Scott version is my ultimate favorite.  No one plays a meaner Scrooge than he.  The Ghost of Christmas Present telling Scrooge off is my favorite line in the movie:

Ghost:  “But if he is to die, then let him die and decrease the surplus population.”

Scrooge:  “You use my own words against me.”

Ghost:  “Oh, yes.  So perhaps in the future you will hold your tongue until you have discovered WHAT the surplus population is and WHERE it is.  It may well be that in the sight of Heaven you are more worthless and less fit to live than MILLIONS like this poor man’s child.”  (That’s one of those lines I wish I could give).
Best modernized version:  Ebbie staring Susan Lucci as Elizabeth Scrooge.  It’s the scrooge story set in the 1990’s.  They showed it on Lifetime and on the Hallmark channel ages ago.  I wish it was available on DVD.  Fortunately someone has put it on YouTube.  I like it because it’s updated, but not cheesy.  Plus Susan Lucci plays the perfect witch on a broom, if you know what I mean.  And, yes, I know that they had the Tiny Tim character singing way too high for his changing voice, but it doesn’t ruin the movie.

Best Comedy Version:  The Muppets Christmas Carol with Michael Caine as Scrooge.  Find me a funnier version without Gonzo the Great and Rizzo the Rat narrating it!  You can’t, can you?

Best “I’m Surprised it Was that Good” Version:  The version starring Patrick Stewart as Scrooge.  Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Stewart is a great actor, but I’m so used to seeing him as Captain Jean-Lue Picard on Star Trek:  The Next Generation (engage!), that I wasn’t sure he could pull this off.  He did, and it was wonderful.  I heard that he does a one man stage production of it.  Now, THAT I would like to see.
Best Cartoon/Animated Version:  A toss up between Mickey's
Christmas Carol and Veggietales:  An Easter Carol.  Both of which I saw about 800 times when I taught preschool.

I think I like the Scrooge story so much because we’ve all been there at some point—hardened by life’s tragedies and other people’s harsh words and deeds.  We can either choose to live in hope like Bob Cratchit, or in empty greed like Scrooge.  If we're smart, we find lightness of heart and joy in letting go of anger and learning to love and serve our fellow man.  I think that Scrooge’s change of heart gave him the freedom to give and serve, not the other way around.  Maybe that’s just me…

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The Squat Challenge: Day 11

Alright y'all.  Rest time is over.  Today is a mega challenge:  120 squats.  Remember, break the repetitions up into manageable sets.  The goal is not to do them all at once; the goal is to do them all with proper form, no matter how many rest breaks it takes.  Get 'er done!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Not Quite Mark Spitz: The Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday, June 10, 2013

Outside my window …  sunset and the happy face of my Shasta daisies.

I am thinking...
 about taking some advice I got from a friend about my job search. 

I am thankful...
for friends who are willing to share their knowledge with me.

In the kitchen...
 Nothing.  I’m hitting the sack early tonight.

I am wearing...

I am creating...
Still working on a baby blanket, a crocheted tank top, and painted flower pots.  Plus, I’m writing up a storm on my blog.

I am going... to take a shower, wash my hair and go to bed.

I am wondering... about how I’m going to stay awake long enough to do all I need to do before I go to bed.

I am reading... Nothing today.

I am hoping...
that Vacation Bible School goes well. 

I am looking forward to...

I am learning… to swim properly.  My friend, Sue, is a great swimmer. She’s in her mid 60’s and has competed in the Master’s Games.  I tease her and call it the “Old Fogie Olympics.”  She offered to teach me proper swim techniques and I’m finally taking her up on it.  We had our first lesson today.  It went well.  Now all I need to do is practice, practice, practice. 

Around the house... Nothing.  I’m tired.

I am pondering...   on what kind of swim goggles I can wear.  I need to talk to my eye doctor.

A favorite quote for today... “Animals have two vital functions in today's society; to be delicious and to fit well.” - Greg Proops

One of my favorite things... my 30 day blog challenge asked about our favorite things.  My list is here.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  VBS and band practice tomorrow, may swim again on Wednesday.

A peek into my day...  I’ll talk about what happened to my swimsuit later.  I’m beat.  Good night, y’all.

If you would like to join in and post your own Daybook, please head on over to visit Peggy at The Simple Woman's Daybook ( . Thanks for stopping by. Y'all come back now, ya' hear. :)

Auntie's Favorite of Today: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 6

A List of 20 of My Favorite Things. [Blog Challenge:  Day 6]

 No commentary on this one, I'm just going to dive on in: 
  1. Reading.
  2. Good food. (Hey, at least food wasn't first.)
  3. Baby hugs, kisses, and giggles.
  4. Flower gardening.
  5. Arts and crafts.
  6. Facebook.
  7. YouTube.
  8. Working out.
  9. Funky colored nail polish.
  10. T-shirts with funny sayings.
  11. New Balance athletic shoes.
  12. Wal-Mart.
  13. Sports - namely Alabama football and Atlanta Braves baseball.
  14. California - hope to move there someday.
  15. Good comedians.  I love to laugh.
  16. Coffee.
  17. Shorts and underwear that don't ride up (TMI right?).
  18. I-pod classics/nanos.
  19. PC's - the aforementioned I-pod is the only Apple product I care for.
  20. Hats.
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Don't Quote Me on That. On Second Thought... 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 5

My Favorite Quote and Why. [Blog Challenge:  Day 5]

“The man who never reads will never be read; he who never quotes will never be quoted. He who will not use the thoughts of other men’s brains proves he has no brain of his own.” -- Charles H. Spurgeon

I find the collecting of quotes fascinating.  My small collection started a few years ago.  I’ve collected quotes from TV, movies, books, and the Internet.  From the hilarious to the profound, the sublime to the downright silly; no matter how insignificant, the words of others impact someone.  Here’s a small sampling of the various types of quotes from my collection.  I’ve even thought of a few zingers myself.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” --Thomas Edison

“It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village with an idiot and a pub." - Craig Ferguson

“We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.” –– Robin Sharma

“Heard a commercial for Dodge where the guy talked about how eco-efficient his truck was because it has a sensor that powered the engine down when he was on the highway. I have one too. It's called a TRANSMISSION!” -- Me

“A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read.” -- Mark Twain

"Radio ad: 'Total Transformation kit has my child no longer talking back.' My 21 yr old son: 'Kit has duct tape and a bat'" - Dave Ramsey

"For 24 years of my adult life, by choice I weighed well over 200 pounds. Now the reason I say 'by choice' is simply because I have never accidentally eaten anything." - Zig Ziglar

"My book on anger management would be called Shut Up! with a sequel, No, You Shut Up!" - Craig Ferguson

“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” - Mark Twain

“I do have an hourglass figure……the hourglass just has too much sand in it right now.” Me

"The views expressed by me are not necessarily endorsed by me." - Craig Ferguson

“What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.” - Phyllis Diller

“We don't make mistakes; we just have happy accidents.” -- Bob Ross

and one more for the road.....

Bill Gaither - "What's your favorite animal?"
Mark Lowry - "Fried chicken."

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The Squat Challenge: Day 10

Good job, guys.  For today, just chillaxing.  No squats today.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adventures of Bookworm: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 4

My Favorite Book [Blog Challenge:  Day 4]

My love of books began before I even attended school.  My older siblings read to me when I was little and I learned to read for myself by the time I was four.  The joy of being read aloud to (among other things) sparked my affinity for audio books, but I really enjoy those papery blog things you hold in your hand and read with your eyes too.  I’ve worn out several cards from my local library, plus I search for free Kindle books to read with my Kindle app on my laptop.  Yeah, I'm cheap.

I used to have a very large book collection, but a “temporary poverty” (as Louisa May Alcott says) sent most of my books to’s Internet Marketplace.  One of my dreams is that when I have my own house, I will have a Reading Room full of my favorite books and plenty of comfortable places to sit and read. 

Man, this picking one favorite anything is impossible.  Two of my favorite things are music and books.  So, in the interest of clarity and length, I will simply give a list of my favorites in categories.

Of course my favorite book of all time is the King James Version of the Bible but that’s too easy.

Favorite Fiction Book:  Sophie’s Heart by Lori Wick.  Sophie is an immigrant from the Czech Republic who finds love and acceptance in her new country, all while holding tightly to her faith in God.

Favorite Biography:  I have two favorites.  Unchained by Mac Gober.  Gober is a Vietnam veteran and former outlaw biker who starts life in a violent home devoid of a real father figure and ends up starting a ministry (Canaan Land in Autaugaville, Alabama) to bring the love of the Heavenly Father to the hurting.  I met Mr. Gober many years ago and I actually have an autographed copy of the book.  My second favorite biography is American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson.  Ferguson is a Scottish-born actor, comedian, and the host of The Late Late Show.  His road to success and U. S. citizenship was paved with many, MANY potholes including alcohol and drug addiction, a couple of failed marriages, and the perils of trying to “hit it big” in show business.  I like this book because it’s not “Hollywood” at all.  Both of the authors are very honest about the good, the bad, and the VERY ugly.  They should meet.

Favorite children’s book when I was a kid:  Curious George Goes to the Hospital by H. A. Rey.  Curious little monkey, George, gets ahold of the Man with the Yellow Hat’s jigsaw puzzle, and swallows a piece.  He has to take his first trip to the hospital to get better.  I think I read this book before I had my second eye surgery.

Favorite Children’s book when I was a teacher:  Too Many Frogs by Sandy Asher.  Rabbit likes his routine and his house nice and tidy (OCD anyone?).  Frog is his best friend who doesn’t know when he’s overstayed his welcome (In-laws anyone?)  Things come to a head when frog brings his whole family reunion to Rabbit’s house (they all had matching T-shirts, so I assume Frog and his family were black J ).  I remember one of the last Christmas presents I ever gave to my students was a CD of me reading this book.  It was our absolute favorite.

Favorite nonfiction book:  Anything by Joyce Meyer.  OK, that’s a copout.  Enjoying Where You are on the Way to Where You are Going is one of her best.  The book gives a biblical perspective of how to continue to enjoy life in the midst of hard circumstances.  I need to read that one again.

Favorite Classic Novel:  It’s a toss up between Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Favorite LOL book:  Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain.  I read this book in graduate school.  I don’t remember the exact details of the book, but I do remember that it was a riot.  Another one for my “read again” list.

Best “Fitness” book:  Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst.  God has placed within us all a need—something to crave.   The author shows us how to satisfy those cravings with more of God, not more food.  It’s a serious read with bits of humor thrown in.

So, I’m off to read some more papery blog things...

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The Boob Tube: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 3

My Favorite TV Program [Blog Challenge:  Day 3]

Okay, okay, I can answer this question, but I have to throw in a caveat or two.  What else is new?  

First, I haven’t had cable for more than 5 years (Dave Ramsey said no).  So, YouTube and Hulu are my sources of “TV.”  With that being said, the only new TV shows I’ve found and ventured to watch are  The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson and The Biggest Loser.  I enjoy the Late Late Show because despite some of the language and subject matter, it can be pee-in-your-pants funny.  Plus, I find out what TV programs, movies and “stars” are current (not that I care, but I do find out).  The Biggest Loser is a favorite for obvious reasons.  I know that the results they get aren’t typical, so I don’t even aim for them, but the stories and transformations of the contestants is inspirational to me.
Now, as far as “old” TV goes, my favorite show of all time is The Monkees.  I was turned on to this show and their music in 1986 when they had their 20 year reunion.  Their music is still in my playlist and I miss Davy Jones terribly.

But wait, what about the craft shows? you say.  Well, yes, it is true that I can get PBS on my antenna (and nothing else). However, PBS has been on my “dookie list” for more than a year because every time I want to watch the shows I like, they either take them off, move them to insane time slots, or continue to have pledge drives when they are supposed to be on (EVERY stinkin’ Saturday!).  So, I’m kind of done with them right now.

I hope that as things improve, I can get cable again.  I miss Braves baseball games and Alabama football (thank God for Eli Gold).  I want to see shows like Downton AbbeyDuck Dynasty, and Community.  I really miss HGTV (or as the men call it "The Devil Channel").  Plus, I just want to watch TV on a screen bigger than a laptop.  Someday…but it can wait.
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