Friday, June 14, 2013

I Ain't Never Been Nowhere! Part 2: 30-Day Blog Chalenge, Day 10

Share something you're afraid of.  [Blog Challenge:  Day 10]

I think I have the “normal” fears that most people have:  fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of dying alone, fear of choking in front of people, fear of being seen naked, you know, everyday stuff like that.  But then I have some insanely stupid fears.  Let’s deconstruct one of the goofball fears in Auntie’s psyche, shall we?

Driving on the interstate scares the mess out of me.  OK, to be fair, I learned to drive by watching my Dad drive for 25 years. He never drove on the interstate.  His philosophy was “If there ain’t a back road or a place to turn around, I ain’t goin’.”  When I finally started driving in my late 20’s, that was my thought also.  Plus, every time I’d driven on the interstate I was lost and not supposed to be on the interstate at all!  So, being on I-20 has only been a white knuckles gripping the steering wheel, pee-in-my-pants kind of experience.  However, my thoughts have changed.  I want to go new places and see new things.  I can’t count how many concerts, job opportunities, and awesome Bible conferences I’ve missed because I was too danged afraid to get off of Alabama Highway 21.  Like my fears associated with Burger King, I do want to conquer this fear.  But like anything else, I don’t think it is a fear I can conquer alone.  What I need is to know that someone could either go with me and help me when I need it, or someone who would be willing to come get me if I got lost (or at least talk me out of crapping my pants).  I think that I will start with something simple like driving to America’s Thrift Store in Pell City, Alabama the normal way I go (over AL 144 through Ragland, AL) and come back over I-20.  I would already know where to get off. I would be familiarizing myself with what it’s like to drive the freeway without much fear of getting lost (Exit 185 baby).  But it would give me the experience of getting on and off the interstate.  I’ll let you know how it goes…when I work up the nerve to do it. 

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  1. I can relate. I am terrified of the interstate and often take back roads that end up taking me twice as long. My fear comes from being in car accidents. Obviously the faster you go the worse the accident and I'm scared of dying or being maimed for life if I'm in an accident on the interstate.

  2. I wish we could take a little trip together! You can do it. I agree with you taking baby steps :) I am just barely getting out into the "big city" here. I feel so scared and pretty much pray at every stoplight. Those red lights are like a moment to breathe to me :) YOU CAN DO IT!!!