Friday, March 16, 2018

Five Minute Friday: "Provide"

Genesis 22:14 (NIV) - So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided."

I know I said I was done with part of my crusade, but this prompt brings it back out of me.  Plus, many of you have contacted me and said that I shouldn't quit.  If someone is being helped or encouraged, I will continue.  If not, I'll shut up.

The names of God and His nature are one.  He is the Provider.  I think this is part of why I feel like I have to prove myself and show that God making me single wasn't a mistake or a punishment.  When I say "prove myself," I don't mean I'm trying to prove I'm better; just equal.  I have to show that God and I are just as good as Mommy Blogger X and her hubby.

It's freakin' hard!

You know what would help?

Stop saying stupid stuff like, "If you had a husband to provide, you'd never have to worry about money again."  No, that's a sugar daddy.

Stop supporting a woman's small business only if she's married and/or has children.  Yes, I'm giving side eye to you, Christy Wright.  Hey, I've always got art for sale.  Is it less valuable because I don't have to create around the patter of little feet?


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shameless Plug: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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Best place you've been lately?

Outside.  My morning walks to work have been refreshing.  Whether a sky splashed with dazzling color or a streak of billowy clouds, each morning has held its own pleasant beauty.

What's something you should say yes to today? Or this week? Or even this year?

I need to continue to say yes to health and healthy choices.  This winter has been a real struggle all around.  I believe that with the changing seasons, things are turning around.  No, I didn't go totally off the rails, but this seasonal battle with mental darkness gets harder every year.  I have no idea what I'm going to do about this next winter.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any way, shape, or form? If so tell us how. In Western cultures the color green is typically associated with jealousy, nature, good luck, and growth. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'green'?

Not really, other than posting this every few years...

The word 'green' brings money to mind.  I'm in the midst of saving up for a car, so I guess that's why.

What's a product or service you love so much you'd happily be their spokesperson? Tell us what makes you such a fan.

  • Oard's Auto and Truck Repair in Salina, KS.  I mention them here.
  • Red Heart Yarn.
  • Plaid acrylic paint.
  • Uniball Signo 207 bold pens.
Actually, I'd do shameless plus for many, many places and products.

March 14th is Pi Day. How are your math skills? What's the last thing you did that required math of any kind? And most importantly do you like pie? What's your favorite kind? With ice cream, whipped cream, or please hold the cream?

My math skills are adequate.  Of course, budgeting requires me to use basic math skills.  Pie isn't my favorite dessert, but I like it OK.  Chicken pot pie is my favorite savory pie.  My mom's sweet potato pie is my favorite sweet pie.

Oh great, now I'm hungry.

Insert your own random thought here.

Well, I've got an update on my vehicle situation.  My boss referred me to a ministry here in Colorado called Good Neighbor Garage.  They assist single females in need of a reliable vehicle.  I've done the initial paperwork, so we'll see.  I've got to get something ASAP.  Bus life sucks.  I'm not going into any details, but I had a Steve Harvey moment on the bus Sunday.

The Green Hornet
Update on the Green Hornet:  We've had some nice warm days here in Lakewood, so I thought I'd finally get out the air pump and WD-40 and freshen up my bike and take a spin.  The good news is, my chain looked fine, but I won't really know until I ride.  However, to my dismay, both of my tires have holes.  I assume the snow and cold weather ruined them.  Well, after this car business is settled, I'll work on getting tires and tubes.  I'm ready to ride at every park I can find.

By the way, I'm kind of bummed no one took me up on the Read Across America thing. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Five Minute Friday: "Tired"

Today held the most "tired" of any since Colorado became my new home.  I got up still feeling tired after having been in bed off and on since around 4:00 yesterday afternoon.  Sleep is not what I need; it is rest.

Matthew 11:28-30 (The Message) - “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Instead of my normal morning routine, I sat and had a heart to heart with Jesus...and myself.  I wrote here about some of my mental tiredness and frustration, but that doesn't cover the half of it.  Most of my fatigue stems from feeling stuck because I can't get it together.   I'm wearing myself out with all these emotions.  I talked to the Lord about it.  No, things weren't solved instantly, but I know He's looking out for me.

This song was one of things that crossed my mind when I saw the prompt.  A gentleman at my home church used to sing this song.  I had no idea that Elvis sang it.  I'm not even a big fan of Elvis, but this was beautiful.