Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Age Before Beauty: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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I (Joyce) am celebrating a birthday this week so a question relating to aging feels appropriate. Douglas MacArthur is quoted as saying, "You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair." Would you agree? If not why not?
Oh yes, I would agree.  All the things listed with either age you or make you feel full of life.  Doubt, fear, despair--all those are age producing fears ("fear hath torment" - I John 4:18).  Faith, confidence, hope--brings a youthful smile to your face and a spring to your step.  Proverbs 13:12 - Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.
What remarkable feat, interesting piece of trivia, or historical event occurred on your birth day and month? Not necessarily in your birthyear, just the same date/same month.
May 30, 1889, the brassier was invented...and the girls are so happy.
Describe a time or circumstance where you wanted to 'have your cake and eat it too.'
I looked up the meaning of this idiom and it was so confusing that I can't even answer the question.  Good grief!
What's something you do that makes you feel young? Something that makes you feel old?
Riding my bicycle makes me feel young.  I feel like a free wheeling ten year old when I hit the bike trail and let the wind whip around me and my legs pump me mile after mile.
Depression makes me feel old.  If I'm depressed, I do what some elderly do--stay in the house, in bed, in my bed clothes all day.  I don't cook, clean, or do anything to take care of myself.  If that happens, just call me maw-maw. 
When did you last do something that was 'a piece of cake'?
Combined two crochet patterns to get the effect I wanted.  It worked the first time around.  It doesn't usually happen that easily.
Beef, wine, and cheese all improve with age. What's something else you'd add to that list? (not necessarily food or beverage).
Life in general (at least for me).  My childhood and teenage years were horrible.  My 20's and 30's weren't much better.  Seems like since I've hit 40, I'm gaining more insight on how to really live life and enjoy it.  I don't know about all that "life begins at 40 stuff."  If I'd been paying attention, it wouldn't have taken this long to start learning.
If I were to have a giveaway when we hit Volume 200, what should I give away? By my calculations we'll hit Volume 200 on November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving, which means whoever wins would have whatever it is in time for Christmas.
What about giving away a copy of your favorite book?  That way you are sharing a meaningful part of yourself with one of us.
 Insert your own random thought here.
Well, after Snot Watch 2014 and What the Heck is Still Wrong With Me Watch 2014, I think I can safely say I'm on the mend--just in time for "The Week of Woman" to show up! @*#!!
Anyway, I got a couple of things finished in the Workshop since last time: 
"Steel Magnolias" 8x10 Watercolor and acrylics on paper.

"Hello Kitty" diaper/tote bag.


  1. You definitely are very what you've created! Love that the bra was invented on your birthday! Pretty funny!

    1. Thanks so much.
      I thought the bra thing was a hoot. So, I do have a claim to fame. "Hey, the bra was invented on MY birthday." :)

  2. LOVE that you celebrate a birthday with the bra, hilarious!!!
    I can't imagine anything to do with patterns being a piece of cake! You are truly blessed!
    I think a book giveaway is a great idea!

    1. Like I said, it doesn't always turn out so well so easily. I've been crocheting for 22 years and the difficulty of some patterns still amazes me. Thanks so much for reading.

  3. Ingenious....but, are you gonna share your crochet idea?!! I crochet and would love to see what you did.

    1. I should be finished with it by next week's hodgepodge, so I'll share it there. :)

  4. #2-I'll celebrate that one too! Riding a bike makes me feel young too. I haven't been on one in a while because it's way too steep and hilly where we live now. Enjoy your day!

    1. Yep, me and the girls will celebrate it every day. :)

      I know I write about it all the time, but the Chief Ladiga Trail is awesome. I hope to get out on the trail again this weekend to ride.

      You have an awesome birthday, sweetie!

  5. I hope you share your crochet creation with your readers once it's completed!

  6. I donate my crocheted baby blankets to the "Linus Project" and met the organizer this week and now I want to make more.

    1. These particular baby items are for a baby shower.

      I sell baby items, but I also donate to Sav-A-Life, a pro-life crisis pregnancy center.

      I sell my paintings also, but I also donate one a month to our senior citizens center for a door prize for their senior dance.

  7. I'm SO GLAD to see people responding to your great blog!!! I'm boggled by your creativity!! That said, I have to say that I totally agree with your statements about depression. Not only are two people I know have it clinically, but I've experienced just what you said. I'm married. I think we both have it, and it's like malaria. I can't clean the house. My husband can't clean off the decks that have been befouled for a year, because there's a hole in the yard that he/we cannot take care of. My stove is something from How Clean is Your House, and our decks could spur the Health Dept. to come around. We are both too tired and too sad to care anymore. I don't do anything I used to do: crochet, clean, cook, smile. I've had to PRACTICE the last one. Is this a form of depression??? IDK. IDK ANYTHING anymore. There are times I go a week without showering, because it's too much effort. This was a good week: I showered before choir practice. I don't even want to bother eating at energy, no appetite. Shannon, don't feel bad about those days: I've had them, too. I'm sure others have, also.

  8. Thank you for stopping over last week. Our Chicago reunion trip was fabulous!
    Yes the girls are happy with the invention of the bra. I'm not sure about that life beings at 40 either and her I am in my early 60's now. Live and learn is great but I wish I would have learned more in my 20's!!!!