Monday, June 17, 2013

When Auntie First Got Her Groove: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 14

A picture you love.  [Blog Challenge:  Day 14]

This picture was taken in the fall of 1988 when I was a Junior in high school.  It was my first season of marching band.  You would think that a picture I love wouldn't be one taken during a time when I was very unhealthy and, quite frankly, I looked a hot mess.  As you can see, I'm practically stuffed into that hot as hades, butt ugly uniform, I have a Jherri Curl, and I'm wearing one of the ugliest pairs of glasses I've ever owned.  So, why do I like this picture?
It's not how I looked that mattered; it's what this time in my life meant to me.  Then is when my lifelong love of being a musician started.  Then is when I finally looked forward to going to school every day.  Then is when I found my niche--I had something special that no amount of bullying (even from the rest of the drumline) could take way.  Then is when I found my little corner of happiness.  No matter how the rest of my day at school went, I just had to make it to sixth period so I could strap on my snare drum and be somebody.  Then is when the "cool" kids could say anything about me they wanted and it didn't phase me.  After all, every Friday I WAS a cool kid:  I was at every football game, sat in the best seats in the stadium, and hit the field at halftime for the whole crowd to see.  The other kids couldn't do what I did.  Ha ha!  Take that, beauty queens!  Beauty is fleeting, but drumline is forever!
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  1. I remember that picture and always liked it. I can see in your face that you were happy: you were doing what you love!!! I have a young friend here who made it through HS only because of band. Because of family problems, she nearly flunked out of everything--did, actually. She was a year late, and ONLY because Grandpa talked to an accounting teacher about a couple of points on a final. I smile, thinking band kept her together--and out of jail. I see you here: happy, engaged in the talent that God gave you!!! I'm GLAD you marched upon that field every Friday night!! You proved you're strong and good enough to DO so!!! AND, unlike my hapless young friend, you can SPELL and THINK!!! GBY!!! You know who I am.