Monday, June 17, 2013

All I Have to Do is Dream: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 13

Your life’s goals.  [Blog Challenge:  Day 13]

List time again This is not an exhaustive or detailed list, but it's a start:
  • To be and do everything that God intended for me to in my life.  That would pretty much cover it all, but I figured you needed a little more than that.
  • To get down to my goal weight and stay there
  • To get a good job that will lead to me doing what really want to do in life (California here I come...)
  • To get out of debt and do my "debt free scream" on the Dave Ramsey Show.
  • To buy my ultimate pickup truck
  • To own a house (more on that later)
  • To finish a Bible Correspondence course I started years ago.
  • To get my Doctorate 
  • To travel 
  • To go on a missions trip or two
  • To write books and have them published
  • To be a paid musician and be on a recording or two
  • To successfully restart my craft business
  • To really love and help people
  • TBA
{I'm linking up with So, Funny Story for this 30 Day blog challenge.}

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