Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Woolly Booger [A-Z Blog Challenge]

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Woolly Booger
This is Jimmy.  Jimmy (or as I say to people, my friend over there with the woolly booger beard) is a fellow struggler and Christ follower  He is also the Training Coach for my local Celebrate Recovery (CR).

Why is Jimmy a hero to me?  1) I've heard his testimony of struggle and triumph, and seen the evidence of God working in his life.  B) Jimmy has such a heart for CR.  He simply oozes recovery.  3) Jimmy encouraged my running.  Last year, He and I ran many of the same 5k races.  Well, not only is he taller than I am, Jimmy is also a much faster runner.  He would finish his race, run back to find me, and run with me to my finish--cheering me on the whole time since he pretty much could just walk to keep up with me.  That wasn't something I asked him to do; it was his way of encouraging me to keep going until I finished.

Is that not how recovery works?  A sponsor or accountability partner  who's further along in his recovery--comes along side someone who's not as advanced, pushing them to finish the course no matter how long it takes.  That's why I said Jimmy simply oozes recovery without even trying.

Thanks for being a hero, my woolly booger friend!

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