Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Fitness Blender [A-Z Blog Challenge]

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Fitness Blender
Because of budget concerns (and because I'm thrifty cheap), I'm always on the hunt for free fitness resources online.  One of the best I've found for short effective workouts is Fitness Blender (   This website was started by husband and wife fitness trainers Daniel and Kelli.  From their website:
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We started Fitness Blender because we believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their income. We also felt like there was a lack of reliable health and fitness information on the web, and too many people in the industry were more focused on appearance than they were on good health.

The couple produces their videos in a home studio and the website is funded by donations and gear sales.  They have every workout from short warmups, to lengthy 1000 calorie burning workouts of high intensity training and they add more every week.  My two favorite workouts so far have been her upper body workout and his short spinning workout (videos below).  They also offer meal plans, recipes, and workout regimen suggestions.
Their website is a great help to me because:
  • They are regular hard working people, not fitness gurus with corporate sponsorship, Photoshop, or a good cosmetic surgeon.
  • Their workouts vary in length, intensity, and type, which keeps me from getting bored.  I have several of their workouts in my "tried it Mikey" queue.
  • They also give tips and debunk several fitness myths.  One thing they stress is that fitness is what looks and feels best on you, not what Hollywood says it should be.
  • I like the fact that Daniel and Kelli are just plain silly sometimes.  They show their bloopers, misspeaks, and adventures with trying to get their dog, Loki, to be quiet while their shooting footage.
Daniel and Kelli are the epitome of the Principle eight concept of passing on what you've learned to others and being a good example.  They make me long to be able to pay it forward.  The minute I'm back to full time work, you'll probably see me walking around in a pink Fitness Blender tank top.

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