Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Bicycle [A-Z Blog Challenge]

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I've written several posts about my adventures with bicycling.  From my first bike when I was six to the great find at our church's yard sale last month, riding a bike has always been something I could do no matter what size I was.   Riding is also a very good time for me to clear my mind and pray.
I've read several articles that said running and cycling really compliment each other because of each exercise works a different set of muscles.  So, as one skill improves, so does the other.
There's nothing like the freedom of pedaling for miles, the wind whizzing by my ears, the beautiful scenery of a spring day, all while singing "Born to Be Wild" on the fast declines and "Hot Legs" on the inclines.   The joy and the freedom are what makes me look forward to each ride. 
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  1. I rode a bike every where as a child but when I grew up I tried to ride my daughters and my balance was not there. So she banned me from ever riding one and even though the Lord called her home when she was 6 I still live by that and will not ride a bike. Although I should try as it i something I could do with my son.