Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Di Biases [A-Z Blog Challenge]

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The Di Biases

Every person in recovery needs three things; they need a sponsor/mentor, an accountability partner/team, and encourager coaches.  My friends the Di Biases are two of my encourager coaches.

Susan has been an encourager since we met.  She was there comforting and motivating me when my first attempts at starting my own business went bust.  When life got so bad that I just wanted to crawl in a hole, she urged me to get help.  We've laughed together and been ticked off together.  Both her beautiful spirit and love for nature bring me joy.

Carmine is a bicycle enthusiast with an infectious smile who urges me to keep cycling (no matter how slowly).  He's also the crazy man who had me out on a dirt bike trail and tried to kill me.  :)  He shares tips and passes his cycling magazines on to me to read.  He's also there to answer questions and help me learn about my bike.  I appreciate the fact that with all his knowledge, Mr. Di Biase has never treated my like I was stupid or beneath him. 

Carmine and Susan are great people to know and they are an awesome part of my recovery team.  They make me smile.

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  1. I'm SO glad you have these wonderful people in your life!!! I just pray that things always go well with you. ANYONE would have been devastated by the loss of a business. I have friends who lost a couple of theirs. God bless you, comfort you, and sustain you ALWAYS. I love you!!!

  2. Visiting from A to Z. I am a minion for Tina's Terrific Team. You seem to be a blog behind, Saturday should have been E. I do hope you can manage to catch up even if you forget E altogether.


    1. Hey Jo,

      It's right here:

      BTW--I hope this doesn't sound rude, but this would really be better handled through an e-mail. Thanks so much.