Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Volunteering [A-Z Blog Challenge]

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"Make yourself useful."  Man, how many times have I heard that over the years?  I was always told that serving others was a help to them.  I've observed how much volunteering also helps me.
  • It keeps me active.  While I am still job hunting, volunteering gives me a burst of activity that accomplishes something useful.  It's softens the blow of rejection from potential employers.
  • Volunteering lets me use my strengths.  Most of my duties involve music, crafts, or office work.  Three things I'm good at.
  • I meet new people through volunteering.  It's awesome that God has taken me from painfully shy to social butterfly.
  • It gives me a purpose.  One of the worst feelings in the world is to be bombarded with the thought that my life serves no purpose.  My purpose is constantly challenged because I have no husband, children, or (as of right now) a job.  Apparently, society has dictated that those are the only three purposes in life for a female.  When ladies get together, those seem to be the only three things they seem to try to find commonality on.  Kind of frustrating.  When I get the chance to help someone, they don't reject the help because I'm not married or say, "I'm sorry, but we don't accept donations from the childless."  They don't care.  Let me rephrase that; MOST of the time, they don't care.  Sorry, but I have actually been rejected for service because of my marital status.  Tacky, I know, but in some circles, marital status is a direct correlation to one's ability to wash dishes.  O.o
  • Volunteering is just plain FUN. 

Some of the places I'm able to make myself useful:
Check them out.  They can always use more useful folks.


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