Sunday, January 26, 2014

Get 'er Done!: 101 in 1001

I was reading stalking sweet Joyce's blog over at From This Side of the Pond (yes, the Hodgepodge lady).  I saw where she and several other bloggers had done a list of 101 things she wanted to do in 1001 days (about 2.75 years). Hmmm.  Sounds like a good idea. So I took up the challenge.

Picking was difficult because I had to try to choose things that didn't necessarily require another person (though that would be more helpful if I did have some of my crazy friends in the mix).  This is not a "gotta do" list under pressure; it's a freeing list to try new things, stretch my boundaries, broaden my horizons...Ok, enough with the fluffy talk.

In no particular order:
Time frame:  February 1, 2014 - October 29, 2016

As I finish each item, I will cross it off the list and if I blog about it, it will appear as a clickable link.
  1. Finish the Bible Correspondence Course I started ages ago.
  2. Learn how to use the GPS my sister gave me years ago.
  3. Attend a taping of the Rick and Bubba ShowGot a job where I'm working the same hours the show is live.
  4. Attend a taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson *
  5. Make 1000 pairs of baby booties for Sav-A-Life. (108/1000)
  6. Make 100 Christmas stockings for Operation Holiday Stocking. (17/100).  The organization says that don't need any more stockings, so I will repurpose these.
  7. Run a 5k in 45 minutes or less. 
  8. Run a half marathon.
  9. Use up all the yarn in the closets.
  10. Get down to my goal weight AND STAY THERE.
  11. Go to a fancy restaurant or event that requires dress up.
  12. Buy a fancy outfit for said event.
  13. Go to an Atlanta Braves baseball game. (Completed 05/30/16)
  14. Learn to play tennis.
  15. Buy a new(er) car or truck.
  16. Pay off all my debts and do my debt free scream on the Dave Ramsey Show.
  17. Publish something...even if I have to self publish it.
  18. Give my Celebrate Recovery Testimony in a church NOT in my home county.  (Thus item #2)  *
  19. Move -- preferably to California (Thus item #2).  (Moved in May 2014)
  20. Totally redecorate my living quarters...wherever they are.
  21. Have a real spa day:  mani/pedicure, massage, facial, hair, the works.
  22. Buy a kilt (red tartan).
  23. Buy a black leather jacket with fringe like I've always wanted.
  24. Wear a 60's batgirl costume for Halloween. (Thus Item #10)
  25. Go to a University of Alabama football game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.
  26. Learn to dance.
  27. Go on a clothing shopping spree somewhere other than a thrift store.
  28. Workout with someone I admire.
  29. Bike ride the entire length of the Chief Ladiga Trail. (Completed 05/30/15)
  30. Have an arts/crafts exhibit/sale.
  31. Go to Walt Disney World & Epcot.
  32. Go on a missions trip.
  33. Go to a comedy concert.
  34. Blog about the completion of the major portions of this list.
  35. Go to another Celebrate Recovery Summit. *
  36. Knit a pair of socks.
  37. Get my ACE fitness certification.
  38. Do a mud run.
  39. Play at a Marching Southerners reunion and get closure.  (Completed 11/21/15)
  40. Find meaningful work. (Completed 06/29/15)
  41. Update all my Doctor and Dental check ups (thus #40)
  42. Have good pictures taken.  Not just, "Hey dude, can you take my picture with this crappy digital camera?  Yeah, you've got to snap about 16 photos to get one good one.  Thanks."
  43. Go to a farmer's market.  Went to our local farmer's market and the vendors were extremely rude, didn't offer much, and complained about the market's organizer the whole time.  Not a pleasant experience at all.
  44. Learn to scrapbook and complete one. If not, make one on Shutterfly--I've never done that either.
  45. Go on a train trip.
  46. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast.
  47. Go on a mini retreat to Cheaha State Park.
  48. Buy a full-sized keyboard and reteach myself to play.  Was given a keyboard but haven't had the guts to turn it on and play it.
  49. Learn to make hand painted greeting cards.   (Completed 04/09/16)
  50. Read a Jane Austen novel.  Started Pride and Prejudice but never finished it.
  51. Learn to shoot a gun and get a pistol permit.
  52. Go deer hunting.  Guided instructional hunt, of course.
  53. Go on a picnic.
  54. Take a photography class.
  55. Get my passport.
  56. Start a podcast.
  57. Watch a sunrise or two.
  58. Learn to horseback ride.
  59. Participate in Jon Acuff's Empty Shelf Challenge. (Completed 12/31/14:  12 books read - Links to book reviews here.)  Did my own Full Shelf Challenge (Completed 12/31/15:  21 books read.)  Also did my own Bookworm Challenge (Completed 12/31/16. Read 26 books)
  60. Go to the zoo.
  61. Take a Bob Ross painting technique class.
  62. Get paid for playing music.
  63. Take a trip on the interstate--thus #2
  64. Get paid for writing something.
  65. Pay for the person's order behind me in the drive through. (Did this one a couple of times.  It's fun, and usually the person behind me passes it on.)
  66. Get a paid speaking engagement gig.
  67. Get a tattoo.
  68. Take a ride in a limousine that doesn't involve a funeral.
  69. Visit a friend in another state.
  70. Do a photo a day blog project for 30 days. (Completed 05/31/14)
  71. Learn to quilt.   (Completed ... sort of.  Read the post and you'll understand)
  72. Play music for someone I admire (and they like it).
  73. Go on a zipline.
  74. Learn how to make Rosie Johnson's homemade lemonade.
  75. Buy a rattlesnake mug--might drink Mrs. Rosie's lemonade from it.
  76. Go blueberry picking.
  77. Go to the batting cages.  No point going by myself when there are no pitch machines.
  78. Learn to surf.
  79. Go on a cruise. 
  80. Complete a coloring book.
  81. Do the "Table, Plate, Chair Challenge" for one week. (Completed 02/14/14)
  82. Learn a new hair style that I can do myself.
  83. Create an inspiration notebook.
  84. Finish an A to Z blog challenge. (Completed 04/30/14)
  85. Go to a circus or state fair.
  86. Visit my Dad's grave.  I haven't been there since he died.  (Completed 07/26/14)
  87. Restart my craft business.  (Restarted 05/26/14)
  88. Go to the library at least once a month for a year. (Completed December 2014)
  89. Learn to make the elements of an English tea.
  90. Take a stroll and/or play in the rain.
  91. Make my age in salary or better.
  92. Set up an artificial tree and decorate it for each season/holiday for a year.
  93. Go to the beach and learn to build a sandcastle.
  94. Have a fun day at a water park.
  95. Buy a video camera and learn digital video editing.
  96. Visit a dairy.  If possible, milk a cow.
  97. Eat vegan for a week. (Completed 02/28/14)
  98. Learn to do chin ups.
  99. Complete Anniston Runner's Clubs MAD, 2 a day, or 1200 club challenge--or all three. (MADCompleted 12/30/14Completed again 12/30/15  Completed yet again 12/30/16)
  100. Inspire someone to make a list of his own.
  101. Celebrate finishing this list and start a new one.
Honorable mention:
  • Fly a kite
  • Learn to do a cartwheel
  • Get good enough at hula-hooping to make it all the way through a song.
  • Go to Noccalula Falls and do the tour. (Completed 05/19/14.  Went again 07/13/14)
  • Go skinny dipping (no photos please--and no cops either).
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle.
  • Go skydiving.
  • Slow dance with someone I care about.
  • Fall in loveBuy a dog.  Buy a drumset.
  • Eat sushi...once.
  • Tip a server $100.
  • Get a new cell phone with a data plan. (Completed October 2015)
  • Get cable.  Did a free trial of U-verse and hated it.
  • Perform random acts of kindness every day the week of my birthday.
  • Be a secret sister/pal for someone for a year. (Completed December 25, 2015)
  • Drink champagne at New Years.
  • Learn to do a handstand.
  • Write my will.
  • Learn to draw.
  • Go kayaking.
  • Start a ladies' Bible study.
  • Try comedy at an open mike night.
  • Relearn sign language.
  • Relearn Spanish.
  • Learn to play the violin or cello.
  • Volunteer for a Habitat for Humanity build.
  • Go to a Monkees Convention.
  • Get Photoshop and learn to use it.
  • Finish a crossword puzzle book.
  • Learn to play poker.
  • Finish a Sprint Level Triathlon
  • Go to an aquarium.
  • Attend Greg Proops' podcast. 
  • Have a technology free weekend.
*UPDATE:  (04/29/14) About #4.  Yesterday Craig Ferguson announced that he would be leaving the Late Late Show in December.  So, if someone has some pull and can get me to the show before then, let me know.

UPDATE:  (January 2015) About #4 - Sadly, I did not make it to see the show before Ferguson left.  :(

UPDATE:  (July 2015) About #18 & #35 - I am not a part of this program anymore.  Read here for the explanation.

OK, so I didn't finish much of the list.  Cut me some slack.  I got a job in the midst of all this and didn't have time (or money) to do very much.  Working on a new list.  Maybe I can do better next time.


  1. Inspire someone to make a list of his own. - completed June 17th, 14 :)

  2. You've got a great list! I love reading this, and find inspiration for my own. I need to update mine soon. Good luck with your 101!