Friday, May 23, 2014

Throwing Rump [30 Day Photo Blog]

I turned in the keys to my apartment today!

...and threw rump at the housing authority!

A few days ago, I wrote a post about some of my experiences with government entities.  In case anyone didn't believe me, let me tell you what happened when I turned in my keys today. 

I happily slid my keys through the slot to the receptionist at the office and said, "I've moved and I'm turning in my keys."

"Did you talk this over with ---?"

"Who is ----?" I said in confusion.  Did she think I had a roommate?

"You know who --- is.  She's the manager of the blah, blah, blah."

"No, I DON'T know her." In fact, I've never met the woman as far as I know.

With disdain, "Well, you should have discussed this with her before you did this."

*Blood starting to boil, left eye starting to twitch* "You mean to tell me that I have to get permission from the housing authority before I can move!" 

"Well, you should discuss these things with us." 

WTC?!  "So, you ARE telling me that I have to get PERMISSION from y'all to move?!"  *Trying not to cuss.  Trying to stay out of jail.*

By then, I think my blood pressure was 400/300.  My head was pounding!

She quickly slid a form through the slot for me to fill out.  One of the questions was, "Reason for leaving?"  Let's see:
  • "Because y'all suck."  No, I can't write that.
  • "Because I'm tired of y'all having your hand up my..."  No, no, no.
  • "Because I'd rather be homeless than live here."  Yes?  No.
  • "Because I would like to wash my car and put borders around my flower beds."  True, but I can't write that either.
  • My answer?  "Because it was time."


  1. You are a government victim: they will have their hands up there always. They do similar things on military posts: telling families when and how often to mow. Also, they tell anyone who plants flowers/shrubs in front of their quarters to dig them up when they leave. The government is intrusive and EVIL! I'm SO glad you're able to be out of there. I pray that your new home is FAR better!!! AND more private!!!

    1. No, I'm not a victim. I signed up for this crap. Now that I'm out, I hope to stay out. If for some reason my new digs don't work out, I will live in my car before I go crawling back to them again.