Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Reading Quest: Introduction

2017 Reading Quest

Well, Auntie's 2016 Bookworm Reading Challenge has come to a close.  Time for a whole new one. 

Like last year's challenge, this one doesn't have any specific instructions or types of required books.  However, some books may be part of various categories.  Examples include:
  • Glorious rereads - books I enjoyed so much that I'm reading them again.
  • Everybody's Reading It - books that everybody and their grandma read that I'm just now getting to.
  • Nobody Admits to Reading It - books that others have said to stay away from (whether they've read it or not).
  • Impulse Reads - Books I bought or checked out of the library for no other reason than "hey, this looks interesting."
I plan to continue reviewing each book.  My rating system is:

✮✮✮ = Outstanding

✮✮✮ = Pretty good

✮✮ = Could have been better / could have been worse.

= Not so great

 = Who wrote this crap?!

Last year, I had the goal of reading 30 books.  I "only" read 26.  This year, I will go for 30 again.

Whether you read one book or 50 this year, I would enjoy y'all joining along.

So, what are your reading goals for 2017?

Reviews of this year's books:

Book 1     Book 11            
Book 2     Book 12    
Book 3     Book 13    
Book 4     Book 14    
Book 5     Book 15    
Book 6     Book 16    
Book 7     Book 17    
Book 8     Book 18    
Book 9     Book 19    
Book 10   Book 20    

Read, but not Reviewed:
  1. At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon:  A glorious reread.  (02/17)
  2. Saturday Night At the Dinosaur Stomp. by Carol Diggory Shields.  Read to kindergarten class for Read Across America.  (3/17)
  3. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.  A new read, but there was just too much for me to try to review it.  (04/22)

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