Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 Reading Quest 14

BookThe Spirit of Christ 

Author: Andrew Murray

Info:  Copyright 2015: New York: Scriptura Press (Originally published in 1888)

Rating (on a scale of 1-4 stars):  ✮✭✭ 

Where Acquired:  Free Kindle book.

What it's about:   The Holy Spirit--the third person of the Holy Trinity of God--yet many believers really don't know exactly what His role is in their lives.  Murray takes the reader on a voyage through the Bible to teach the principles of walking on the Spirit.

Favorite Quotes: 

"In our preaching and in our practice, He does not hold that place of prominence which He has in God's plan and in His promises. While our creed on the Holy Spirit is orthodox and scriptural, His presence and power the life of believers, in the ministry of the word, in the witness of the Church to the world, is not what the word promises or God's plan requires." - Location 56

"To worship is man's highest glory. He was created for fellowship with God:  of that fellowship worship is the sublimest [sic] expression.  All the exercises of the religious life; meditation and prayer, love and faith, surrender and obedience, all culminate in worship." - Location 291

"Most Holy God!  we confess with shame how much our worship has been in the power and the will of the flesh.  By this we have dishonored Thee, and grieved Thy Spirit, and brought infinite loss to our own souls.  O God! forgive and save us from this sin.  Teach us, we pray Thee, never, never to attempt to worship Thee but in Spirit and in Truth." - Location 365

"We must not simply rest content with the faith that trusts in the cross and its pardon; we must seek to know the New Life, the Life of Glory and Power Divine in human nature, of which the Spirit of the glorified Jesus is meant to be the Witness and the Bearer." - Location 504

"To cease from all hope in the flesh and the law is the entrance into the liberty of the Spirit." - Location 1660

"May my whole heart be so filled with the longing for Christ's honor, and His love for the lost, that my life may become one unutterable cry for the coming of Thy Kingdom. Amen." - Location 1854

What I Liked:
  • Murray does not take the subject of the Holy Spirit through a denominational (or non-denominational) filter.  He simply takes the Scriptures and expounds on them in light of other biblical passages.
  • This book gives much instruction, yet reads like both a devotional and a prayer journal. He writes both poetically and intelligently.
What I didn’t like: 
  • The Kindle version has no real page numbers.
  • Murray quotes many scriptures, but doesn't always reference them.
  • My main criticism of the work isn't a problem with the author himself or the book itself, but with the publisher and editors (or lack thereof).  There are tons of typographical errors, missing words, punctuation placed on the wrong place or left out, the use of the number 0 instead of a capital O in places, plus other errors in editing that distracts the reader from the subject matter.  Yes, it was a free download, however, just because it's Christian and free doesn't mean it should be done in a lackadaisical manner.  By the way, I purchased a book from the same company and it was edited just as badly.  I tried to find information on the publisher to possibly get some clarification or give some assistance, but apparently, the company doesn't exist anymore, or is some grassroots project with no physical address or internet presence.  Oh well, I tried.
Takeaway: This will definitely be reread for years to come, flaws and all.  There's too much information and spiritual instruction to get it all in one sitting.

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