Friday, June 26, 2015

Five Minute Friday: "Dream"

Our Mistress of Ceremonies for the Five Minute Friday is Kate over at Heading Home.  Hope you link up with us and join the fun.

Last week, the prompt word was "fear."  How ironic that the very next word is "dream."  Fear is the stuff dreams are obliterated by.

I hate personality assessment tests.  I never score correctly on them.  I didn't know there was no such thing as scoring incorrectly.  I'd always heard that some personality types were better than others.  Better at what?  Everything!  Though I hated every minute of it, I recently took the animal-based one.  I scored highest on Golden Retriever though the scores were pretty even with Otter and Beaver also.  I scored lowest on Lion, of course.  Lions are the "best" type to be, right?  They are the movers and shakers.  They get things done.  They are the ones who actually fulfill their dreams.  Lions are the great leaders that Beavers, Otters, and Golden Retrievers work for, bow down to, and wish they were more like, right?  WRONG!
Thought I was going to leave you hanging, didn't you?
Through processing this assessment I learned that no personality type is wrong or superior.  All the types have their own individual use and beauty.  They can also help each other accomplish great things.  I also received the compliment that because my scores were so even, it proved that I was very balanced.   It made me feel great. 
So what does all this have to do with dreams?  Hold on, I'm getting to that part.
Finding out that I have a Golden Retriever personality reminded me of something.  Golden Retrievers and Labradors (aren't they the same thing?) make great Guide dogs for the blind.  These dogs, in a sense, not only guide, but maintain the safety of and possibly rescue a person who is visually impaired.  They are the superheroes of the canine world.  Superheroes...
When I was a little kid, my dream was to be a superhero.  I'd strap a towel around my neck and get on my bike or roller skates and pretend to be Batgirl, Aggie from G-Force, or Wonder Woman. I had visions of jumping my bike over the back of a car in Bo and Luke Duke fashion (yes, I considered them superheroes as a kid).  I felt powerful and happy.  Unfortunately, like many children, that innocent joy got lost (or stolen).  I grew up and was made to feel childish if I tried to go back to having wild dreams and longing for more adventure than loafing through the grocery store looking for peanut butter.  Well, by getting into an environment where thriving was expected, rather than squelched, I've decided to dust off a few of my old dreams and goals.  I need to put those Golden Retriever characteristics of guiding and rescuing to use in helping others.  Stuff like what I posted here and here don't need to be thrown away.  No matter how hard it gets, I need to have something new to look forward to every day.  These dreams need to be part of my motivation.
"People often say motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing--that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar


  1. Love this! Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be a sea otter. I loved the idea of floating on the ocean, eating clams all day. ;) When we first got our feisty dog, we'd often look at the golden retrievers, wishing ours was as regal as they are. Embrace your inner golden retriever!!

    1. Thanks, Annie. The experience was so liberating.