Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Honorable Mention 01: The Falls and the Runs, pt 2 [30 Day Photo Blog]

Even after all the fun of going to Noccalula Falls (part 1), crazy me decided to go to a free running clinic at Ft. McClellan's outdoor track.  The clinic was put on by Coach Green of Fast Feet and the Anniston Runners Club (ARC).  It was designed to improve speed and agility.  They said it was for any level of runner.  Well...

I really enjoyed what the coach had to say and the fact that his running team full of kids of all ages was there with us.  Those kids were hilarious, but they wore me out just looking at them run.

I would have enjoyed it more if I had been a little bit better runner.  It was kind of frustrating  because I was the slowest one there and I didn't catch on to many of the drills Coach Green had us doing.  Now, I'm not complaining about the Coach, he was great.  It's just he was working with a large crowd who caught on and one (me) who needs "slow class."  It's not fair for me to expect the class to wait on me to finish.  I wish I could get some one-on-one instruction so I'll know how to do the drills correctly. 

The first thing we did was warm up...with two laps on the track (1/2 mile).  My warm up is usually to walk a mile before I run, otherwise I can't run very far before some kind of pain sets me to limping.  By the time I finished my first lap, everyone else was finishing their second.   Oh, well, I was good and warm; it was hot as blazes outside.

The next thing we did were several really good stretches and agility exercises.  The funniest one was rolling over on your back and pulling your legs over until your toes touch the ground behind your head (if they will go).  My line:  Doesn't this break the over 40 rule of "never put your butt over your head?"  Some people from ARC tried it (some older than 40).  I didn't dare.  I wanted to be able to drive home.

They ended the clinic by running the 5k course at McClellan.  I had already run it Saturday, plus I knew in order not get lost, I would have to keep up with everyone (which I hadn't done through the whole clinic).  I gracefully bowed out and headed home.

Although I was there more for comic relief, I had a wonderful time.

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