Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Inadequate Virgin Day [30 Day Photo Blog]

The only days I ever sit in the back of the church are Mother's Day, Father's Day, and anytime the sermons are about marriage.  Today was, of course, a combo deal.

During the first service, my Pastor asked the question:  Have we become jaded toward marriage?  In my experience, that's the wrong question to ask.  The real question is why have we become jaded toward marriage?  Quite frankly it is because of the way it's sold to singles, especially us females. 

I found this information flyer in my recovery files while I was purging for my move.  Read over this and ponder it:

Ok.  I know that this technically is a scan, not a photo.  :)

Does this not sound like how marriage is presented?  How many wives have you heard bragging about how they whined and pouted to their husbands to get their way?  How many men have had to give up their God-given calling because their wives had a better plan than God?  How many singles have you seen who felt the pressure of church society to get married and ended up hooking up with the wrong person?  Hey I know he's a drunk and he sleeps around and beats her, but hey, she's married.  She's one of us.

Is this what we really want to present to people?  Is that what has become of a wonderful God-created covenant?

It's Ray-Ray and Honey Boo-Boo
A sweet thing that did happen at church was the baby dedication.  Y'all know how much I love babies.  You've read some of my stories of being a preschool teacher.  You've seen pictures of Auntie's babies (two of which came to see me today--see picture).  So you know that I have no problem with children.  It's grown people who raise my hackles.

When I was teaching, I was once asked What is the biggest obstacle to successfully teaching children?  THEIR PARENTS!  Just as marriage has become a co-dependent nightmare, children have become a commodity--mere chattel.  Most of my students had good parents.  Some didn't.  So God called me to fill that gap.  Unlike motherhood, it did not matter that there was no honor, no holiday for that.  So the baby dedication was precious though I didn't even know the family.  They are a part of our church family.

After church I went by the apartment to check on stuff and to give Mom her Mother's Day gift.  Good thing.  Two to my babies, who didn't know I was moving asked their mom to bring them by to see me.  I got hugs, sugars, and a strawberry Dum-Dum sucker.  These flowers were blooming in mom's yard.  We didn't know their names.  I looked it up.  They are called Grassleaf Roselings.  Gorgeous!  Afterwards, Mama and I went to Captain D's.

A beautiful evening after church
Since we didn't have worship team practice this evening, I visited my friend Sue's church--what her granddaughter calls her "Old Fogey" church.  I liked her "Old Fogey" church.  It reminded me of the early days of attending my home church;  we sang many of the same praise choruses, and the congregation was just a passel of good old down to earth country folks.  Just like the Pastor of both my home church, and my current church, this Pastor gave a sermon I could sink my teeth into.  His message on hindrances to prayer was definitely a "word in due season" for me.  When I get another day off in June, if they are having service, I'll be visiting again.  It will be a good supplement to the spiritual meals I'm already getting.

A day that started with sadness ended with joy.


  1. I'm so GLAD your day turned into joy!!! I agree with your talking points: parents often ARE the biggest obstacle to teaching young children. I saw my share. As for marriage....right again. My best friend/choir director recently met someone. Now, another lady is PUSHING her to get together with him: saying she deserves and should be with someone, etc. When I heard her sermon I cringed. My friend has untreated clinical depression, OCD, and hoarding. She likes the guy but isn't ready for a close relationship. She may never be. He's now smothering her in his attempts to "help". She's only MORE behind and stressed. You can't push marriage on's not for everyone; nor is it appropriate at certain times. Thanks for sharing! BTW, my friend could teach a class on codepency: that list describes most of her relationships. God bless you; again, I'm happy for your day and your good times at that church!!!

    1. Thanks. It's so true. I've been pushed as some kind of pitiful waif who obviously can't make it without the rescue of a husband. The men I was pushed off on were not the least bit interested. As the Pastor prayed for "those who desperately want children," I wanted him to pray that folks would leave us alone who don't have children and stop treating us like God's leftovers.

  2. I love you, my friend! I appreciate your honesty and how candid you are. I learn so much from you.

    1. I love you too. I hope what you're learning is useful, and you're not just learning how crazy I am. ;)