Monday, September 30, 2013

This One's For the Girls Challenge: Week 01

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Amiel Weisblum
Did you know that October is national breast cancer awareness month?  According to the American Center Society, with the exception of lung cancer, breast cancer takes the lives of more women than any other cancer.  With that in mind, this month's challenge is for the "girls."

Exercises for the chest and upper body are great for building strength and better posture.  Plus they have the added bonus of helping to lift a sagging bustline.

Now gentlemen, don't zone out on me.  Although it is rare, men do suffer from breast cancer.  Also, the exercises and challenges are good for you as well.

So, the first week of this challenge is a simple no weights or equipment workout.  Yes, I know October 1st is tomorrow, but we always say we're going to start stuff on Monday, right?  Try to do this three days this week in addition to your other exercise routines.  It does not include a warm up or cool down.  Let me, and the folks at know how you like the workout.

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