Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Minunte Friday: "True"

Thanks to Lisa-Jo Baker at Five Minute Friday for the prompts.
Five Minute Friday

The prompter for this post started out with a lot of sugary sweet sentiments about motherhood.  I think it's wonderful that her being a mom "defines" her and is "in her DNA."  Apparently, not all of us women are I am not so blessed.  There have been a lot of pissy comments flung around me concerning this subject, so I'm not in the best of minds.  This is not written in a spirit of meanness, but out of the depths of great pain that I am dealing with right now  Please forgive my bluntness, but here goes...


Let's take a little quiz on truth shall we?

TRUE OR FALSE:  is it true that motherhood should define a "real" woman?  If so, I think we need to refine our definitions.  I love children, but apparently I'm not called to wifery and motherhoodness.  So am I defective and need to be returned to Wal-Mart?

TRUE OR FALSE:  Is it the sole responsibility of a mother to impugn guilt upon her children so thickly that the child even feels guilty about being born?  "But I carried you for nine months."  Sorry, if I'd have known then what I know now, I would have exited a lot sooner and not pissed you off for so long.

TRUE OR FALSE:  Does it take biology to be a mom?  I've helped raise many children, none of which were born to me.  I have treated them better in 6 hours of school than some of their mothers have ever treated them.  I would have adopted many of them if the mother had just given the word.  By her treatment, she didn't want them anyway.

TRUE OR FALSE:  Is "Mom" the only definition of the Proverbs 31 woman?  I think not.

TRUE OR FALSE:  Is the only hope of a successful life for a non-mom (or as one "family" magazine put it, the woman who choses the "non-family lifestyle"--WTC?) rescue from a male or a government handout?  If so, I'm getting out of here!



  1. Hello, friend! I am a Mom. BUT I am thankful. THANKFUL EVERY DAY for women like you who CHOOSE to help raise my children well. So I don't find you bitter. And I'm not returning you to WalMart :) :) I am hugging you and loving you and telling you WAY TO GO. You can be a strong independent on your own woman and I love you for it!!

    Stopping by from Lisa-Jo's

  2. Shannon, you've done GREAT things for the very children of whom you spoke!!!! If you'd had you're own, who would have been there to help those other hapless children??? I, too, never had children and NEVER regretted it for a minute. I also worked with young children, something I wouldn't have done had I been raising my own. The world NEEDS people like you to fill in the gaps left by all the mothers!! One of the reasons, I believe, that God brought my husband and me together is that neither one of us was destined for parenthood. Not everyone can....or should, as you know. Don't believe any hype about motherhood completing a woman: articles like that come from rags like The Huffington Post and are written by selfish dames who cannot choose a child over their own careers. PICK ONE!!! God bless you, and keep fighting the good fight!!!

    1. It's really the prevailing attitude that ticks me off more than other people's choices. I know great moms who chose children and a career. And I know great women who chose a career instead of having kids. People need to be free to do what God has called them to do instead of what a bunch of angry, bitter, judgmental witches demand they do.