Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wild Irish Rose: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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Setting aside the real March Madness (NCAA Basketball) describe something happening at your house this month that might earn the title 'March Madness'?

Dealing with sickness.  Yuck!

What's a favorite made up word from your childhood or a favorite from your children's childhood? Does your family still use the word today? If there's a story behind the origin please share.

"Sammich" (definition:  sandwich).  Yes, it is still used in our family.  We don't know where it came from but will continue to use it.

Will you be doing any spring cleaning now that the season is upon us? I read here a list of 15 quick (under one hour) spring cleaning tasks. They were-clean out a drawer, vacuum furniture, whiten tile grout, dust the nooks and crannies you don't get to year round, degrease kitchen cabinets, wipe down walls, go behind furniture, wipe down ceiling fans, vacuum the mattress, clean the range hood, wash baseboards, shine the stainless steel, clean out vents, tackle the windows, and wipe down gadgets.   Of the fifteen 'quick' tasks listed which two most need doing at your house? Will you do them?

Not any more than usual.  I get "Monk" moments and organize and throw away junk like crazy.  That's pretty normal.

A favorite movie set in Paris or New York?

Fame.  I also really enjoyed the TV show based on the movie.

What's put a spring in your step this month?

Spring!  What else do I need?

Did you ever want to be a teacher? Why or why not?

Yes and no.  I didn't want to be a teacher per se, but I did want to be a band director for a time.  When I figured I could get a doctorate and qualify to do brain surgery faster than I could get a music degree from Jacksonville State, I changed my major--several times.  I ended up studying mass communication.  I used those skills to have a decade long career as a preschool teacher at a private Christian school.  I retired from teaching mainly because of low pay and parents who thought their little Honey Boo-Boo's poop didn't stink.  I would like to teach again, but not children.  I'd like to teach adult Bible studies.

What's your favorite floral scent? Do you have this somewhere in your home or maybe in a perfume? How do you feel about florals in food? How about wines with floral notes-yay or nay?

When I think of floral scent, I think of the actual scent of a flower.  I love the smell of roses.  However, I don't care for floral scented items.  Usually the smell is too strong.  Plus, floral scented hygiene products (perfume, soap, body sprays, etc.) end up making me smell like a French whore instead of a bouquet of flowers.  Most of the scented products I use smell like food (vanilla, peach, etc).  I'm not sure what is meant by florals in food, so I don't know what to think of them.  I don't know anything about wines with floral notes either.  Is this what they mean?

Insert your own random thought here.

Hmm.  I've got several random thoughts running through my skull:
  • I really miss having a typewriter.  No, I don't want to replace my computer with it, but there are still tasks that can be completed more efficiently with a typewriter.  Examples?  Address labels, envelopes, filling out applications and other such paperwork not presented as a fillable PDF file, and typing notes and manuscripts without getting distracted by the internet.  Plus, weird I know, I miss the sound of the striking of the keys.  When I have my own house, my office will have a working typewriter.
  • With the onset of spring training, baseball is on my mind.  Since I don't have a TV (and I'm not willing to bust my budget for cable--or a TV), I would love to be able to listen to games on the radio.  However, these guys need to take a lesson or three (or thirteen) from sportscaster Eli Gold.  When Mr. Gold calls a game, I actually know what's going on in splendid detail.  Not so with baseball on the radio.  I've tried numerous times to listen to a game, but the results were the same.  I never figured out which team was at bat, which batter was up, the ball/strike call, or, most importantly, whether my team was winning or not.  What's the point?
  • Something to be thankful for.  I have made it through winter without a major depressive episode.  PRAISE THE LORD!
  • I need a vacation...and about $5000 so I can take a vacation.
  • This is the weekend I get my bike out of the laundry room, pump the tires, and make my inaugural outside ride for the year.  I'll let you know how it goes--if it doesn't rain.
  • This is also the weekend I will build a blanket fort and color at my leisure.  No vacation?  No problem.


  1. I'm so happy to hear you've had a good winter, skipping the major depression. I hope spring has arrived where you are, and you can get out and enjoy your bike!