Saturday, February 11, 2017

P is for Pastes, Powders, and Peanut Butter [A-Z Challenge 2015]

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P is for Pastes, Powders, and Peanut Butter

I'm the first to admit I'm a boring cook.  I cook the same things the same way. 

Ad nauseam...or almost nauseam.

It's not that I fear change; the problem is that I fear not liking something, then hunting all over the kitchen for ANYTHING that will taste good.  No sadder feeling that to have a full tummy but empty taste buds.  As someone who fights the tendency to be perpetually peckish, I think I'd eat soap if it tasted better than a dish I tried.  So food change is dangerous.

But extremely boring.

I have a fondness for stir fry and Americanized Asian food, especially chicken.  Plus, what child of the 80's the starboard side of an EpiPen didn't like peanut butter?  So, when I found this recipe over at Nerdfitness, I thought I'd hit onto something.

The entirety of the recipe is here.

Okay.  I'd, of course, used veggies, chicken, soy sauce, garlic, salt, and olive oil together before.  Those ingredients dominate my stir fry concoctions.  But this new collaboration included red curry paste, curry powder, and coconut milk--items I've never used before.  Also, I've only used limes to flavor tea, and peanut butter to make sandwiches or desserts.

I did tweak the recipe slightly.  Frozen veggies were substituted for fresh ones, plus, I don't have any skewers or a grill pan (mama's still seasoning it for me), so I cooked it all in my wok. 

In truth, it all smelled good while cooking.  However, the finished product was just OK and I didn't care for the sauce the went with it.  In other words, it didn't taste as good as it smelled.

Dangit, where's the soap?

I think the problem is that I didn't know what any of the new items were supposed to taste like. I anticipated it being a sweet/spicy combination; it wasn't.  It tasted mostly of lime and garlic.

This one was a bust, but oh well, I tried it.

BTW- if any of you see me foaming at the mouth at church tomorrow, it's not demons; just Irish Spring.

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