Thursday, April 30, 2015

#84: Y'all Eat Yet? [A-Z Blog Challenge 2015]

Welcome to the 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge.  After participating last year, I planned to join everyone is April, but I just couldn't think of any ideas...until now.

Last year, I blogged about some of my recovery/fitness heroes and inspirations.  This year, I thought I would focus on food...

Well, I was going to print the words to Food Glorious Food here but had no idea that it was actually malnourished children singing it in the play Oliver.  So, I thought better of it.  Yeah, I need to read Oliver Twist.  Anyway...

One of my big issues with food is that I never seem to enjoy eating.  Every meal, whether it was nutritious or not, left me with a strong sense of guilt, shame or emptiness.  I'd grown to hate eating because there was no joy in it.  Also, I'm willing to admit that I'm not that great of a cook.  I'm hoping this challenge will change that.

I'm calling this challenge "Experiments From Auntie's Test Kitchen."  Like America's Test Kitchen, I may try something brand new or put a twist on an old standard.  Unlike them, I'm using everyday kitchen stuff and freely admit that I don't know what I'm doing, and I'm not standing around like Christopher Kimball, the bowtie wearing "host" who always looks like he's just smelled a fart.
Aw crap!  Who farted?
Each letter may represent a food I'm using, a technique, or maybe something I've learned about food.  I make no guarantees that this challenge will only take a month, nor can I say that I'll just blog on certain days.  I take a letter as it comes.  If a letter falls on my Daybook or Hodgepodge days, I may simply include them with that day's entry. 

I started not to participate because I'm not a big fan of people sharing pictures of food on social media ad nauseam  (thank the Lord I'm not on Instagram; my head would explode).  However, you have a choice as to whether to read or not...and please do and enjoy.

Start here with letter A.


  1. Such a good idea! If you didn't get to participate in April, I am glad that you are still going to! I'll follow along with you