Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lose Your Quit Quest 03

Step 3:  Get your how.

It would be easy to say my how is "diet and exercise," but that's too vague.  Yes, proper diet and adequate exercise are important, but for me, the key is working on my mind as I work on my body.

I'm at the tail end of yet another depressive episode.  This one was brief, but far from mild.  At those times all I want to do is sleep and eat--the formula for disaster.  In order for me to make permanent change, my mind must change.

Some of the things I did correctly to better manage this episode were to avoid isolating myself, ask for prayers, and just simply be honest about how I felt.  I'm good at packing my feelings down with food and hanging out alone with a binge.  If I feel the icy tentacles of melancholy gripping me again, I'll repeat the process.

Something else, I'm working to fill my mind with positive materials.  I've found videos online, plus, I have books on my shelf and on the kindle that are the proper prescription for "renewing the mind."

This process will not be just for the month, just for the rest of the year, but most likely for my lifetime.

What is your how?

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