Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lose Your Quit Quest 02

Step 2:  Find Your "Why."

Why?  Why do I want to be healthy?  This is by no means an exhaustive list and I will add to it as more "why's" come to me.  So, you might want to come back to this one a few times as the month progresses.
  • I want my life to honor God.  Being this unhealthy brings great dishonor to His name.
  • More energy, less fatigue.  In short, I want to feel good.
  • There are a host of diseases connected with obesity (diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, heart disease, etc.)  I've already been dealing with high blood pressure for several years, and I want to be done with it.  Plus, I'm not interested in adding more problems to the mix.
  • I have many gifts and talents, but no one wants to open a gift in an ugly box.
  • I want to live as long as I can to fulfill God's purpose for my life.
  • I'm a budding athlete.  I can move faster and work stronger and harder with less groceries on my frame.
  • I want to be truly loved, not pitied, or merely tolerated..  True total beauty is attractive.  My obese frame reveals the pitiable true ugliness that is on the inside.
  • I want to help my fellow struggler.  I can't do that if I'm making no progress. 
  • I want to look as good in pictures as I do in the mirror (without Photoshop or strategic cropping).  Ain't nothin' more frustrating that to leave the house thinking you looked great in the mirror, get your picture taken, then realize "Oh, dang!"  It just happened on Easter Sunday.  I'm glad the person who took the picture didn't send it to me or post on Facebook.  **whew** 
  • I truly want to know what enjoying life is all about.
What is your why?

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