Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Lil' Bougie: The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today:  Sunday, January 10, 2016

Outside my window  Winter has come in with a fury...well a fury for Alabama anyway.

I am thinking...   about how to meet all the goals I have for the year.

I am thankful...  for growing strength and health.

From the Workshop...  Got some WIP's (Works in Progress) I'm working to finish.  Also made these flower coasters for this month's senior dance:

I am reading...  Started a new reading challenge for the year.  Read about it here.  Off the shelf:

I'm also reading the Bible this year in the New Living Translation.  I've always liked that version, but have never read it in it's entirety. 

I am learning...  Substitution rather than deprivation when it comes to food.  Instead of focusing on what I can't have/don't need, I try to find a good substitute. 

Favorite quote(s) of the week:

"My dad had taught me there are times in life when you just don't want to miss a good chance to shut up." - Dr. Phillip C. McGraw

"Don't live your life saying 'READY AIM AIM AIM'... Try something new to change your life, even if you might fail, TRY IT!" - Dave Ramsey

"He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk." - John Maxwell

"Don't give the jerks a vote on how you live your life." - Jon Acuff

I am looking forward to...  Finishing up unfinished business.  I've got projects I started last year (which was only two weeks ago, BTW) that I want to complete before I start anything else.

One of my favorite things

My coworker introduced me to what we call "bougie water."  I'd never drank Perrier before, but was hooked with the first sip of a pink grapefruit flavored one.  The lime flavored aren't too bad either.  These will make a good substitute for when I want soda.  It's not the sugar I want from a soda, but the fizzy bubbles.  This beats 200 calories of nothing but sugar anytime. 

A peek into my days:

12/31 - I had planned to drink Champagne to ring in the new year (and celebrate the Tide in the Cotton Bowl), but at $11 a bottle for something I may not like and I'd have to drink it alone if I did, I felt this made a better choice.  I will say that the red grape sparkling juice is better, but the white wasn't bad.

01/01 - Rang in the first day of the year with a walk on the Weaver end of the Ladiga Trail.  I hope my selfies get better over the next year.

And now for something totally different...

Last year, I finished Anniston Runner's Club's Mile-a-Day challenge by the skin of my teeth.  This year, I attempted the two-a-day challenge.  Well, I started out strong, but bouts of depression and serious illness derailed my goals.   HOWEVER, I am happy to say that I finished 2015 with 434 miles.  No, I didn't meet my original goal, but I choke slammed my mileage from 2014. Here's to moving forward in 2016.
Workout of the Week:  One thing I want to do this year is to incorporate new fun workouts into my routine so I'm not doing the same thing all the time (and so I don't turn into a boring curmudgeon).  This week I'm going to try a Pound class.  Now, I've tried a class before and liked it, but it was abbreviated and it wasn't at our YMCA, so I didn't get the full effect.  There's one scheduled at a time when I'm not otherwise obligated, so I'll give a try.

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Scripture of the week:  A fellow blogger suggested using Scripture Typer to memorize passages.  This week's verse:

Proverbs 18:9 - He who is loose and slack in his work is brother to him who is a destroyer and he who does not use his endeavors to heal himself is brother to him who commits suicide. (Amplified)

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