Wednesday, October 14, 2015

To the Moon, Alice!: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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What's something that has recently 'tried your patience'?
People.  No, that's too general.  Stupid people.  No, that's still too general.  Let's just say, I've recently dealt with the rudest, most immature behavior out of grown people I've ever seen.  I was used to dealing with immaturity out of preschoolers; I could teach and train my babies to act more maturely.  With grown people who should know better...well, as the saying goes, "You can't fix stupid."
Now, as far as myself, I try my own patience daily.
Do you think patience comes to us naturally or is it something you have to learn as you grow? On a scale of 1-10 generally how patient are you? (1=I blow up at the drop of a hat and 10=I've got all the time in the world).
Some people have personalities that lean to the more patient side, but patience can be learned.  After all, it is part of the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).  I have much more patience than I used to.  However, my patience is in degrees:  I have much patience for others, none for myself.
Share about a time when you felt like you could fly. Or a time you wished you could fly. Or a time you felt like you were flying.
With the stress and pressure I've been under, there are many days when I wish for wings; sometimes it's just for temporary relief, sometimes I wish to fly away and stay gone.
The last time I felt like flying?  Wow, it was so cool.  If you know anything about Ropes Courses or Team Building seminars, you've heard of trust falls and cradles.  Once I did what's called a flying cradle where the team not only cradles you but lifts you high overhead.  Good times.
Your favorite song with the word fly in the title or lyrics, or your favorite song that relates to flying in some way?
Ok, I have two:


What's in your fall picnic basket and where are we picnicking in your neck of the woods this time of year?
Ha, I wish!  My ideal picnic would be with the three youngest grandnieces at Etwell Park in Weaver with food that we had fun cooking ourselves (but I'd settle for some chicken nuggets and fries).
Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping...which skill would you most like to possess and how would you put that skill to use today?
All of them so I could go ahead with building and landscaping my dream house.
What's something you think is too expensive to justify buying lately?
Since I recently spent $400 on car repairs, most anything!
Insert your own random thought here.
Auntie is still not doing very well. For those who pray, continue to do so.  For those who criticize, keep your comments to yourself.