Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ready, Willing, and Tired: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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It's October so let's get this out there first thing...have you jumped on the all-things-pumpkin bandwagon? How so?
Oh gag no!  Oh, sorry, I thought you said "all things pumpkin spice bandwagon."  But the answer is still no.  I am, however, working on a project that has pumpkins on it.  Does that count?

"We have more power than will; and it is often by way of excuse to ourselves that we fancy things are impossible." Francois Duc De la Rochefoucauld  What's something you once thought impossible, but in hindsight see as more a matter of lack of will?
Getting my health in order.  It feels like an impossible task with pitfalls, sickness, depression, saboteurs, haters, minor injury, more sickness, more depression.  With all that, if my will to live were stronger, I could win.  In his book Lose Your Quit, Danny Cahill (winner of The Biggest Loser Season 8) said that one must find his "why."  I haven't found a good "why."  Most people list their why's as being healthy and alive for their spouse, their kids or grandkids, or to fulfill some momentous task.  I don't have any of those and won't.  So I need a better why--a better reason to even have the will to do this.

The rose is America's National Flower, but every state also has its own (click here to see the list). Are you happy with yours? If you were in charge what would you declare your state's flower? If you're outside the U.S. what bloom would you like to see labeled as your country's national flower?
When I looked up Alabama's state flower, I was shocked.  I'd been taught in elementary school that the state flower was the goldenrod.  It's not.  At least not anymore.  According to, the camellia replaced the goldenrod as the state flower in 1959.  1959?  OK, call me crazy, but if the state flower changed in 1959 and I didn't start school until 1978 AND I was taught that the goldenrod was the state flower sometime in the early 80's, then just how old were our textbooks?
Anyway, I think the camellia is pretty. It looks like a rose.  However, goldenrods seem to be more prevalent.  They are in bloom right now.  I don't think I've ever seen a camellia--or if I did, I thought it was a rose.  
What have you lost interest in recently?
Life, actually.  Well, you did ask...
In your opinion, who's the best living musician?
You're kidding, right?  Great musicians aren't a dime a dozen, but you can't just pick one.  Are you talking instrument specific or the best all-around musician?  Are you asking about great guitarists likes B.B. King, Slash, or Mylon LeFevre?  What about great percussionists like Phil Collins, Louie Weaver, or Tito Puente?  Then there are the greats who play multiple instruments, write music, produce records, etc like Prince or Bill Gaither. Then there's Michael Jackson who fits in a category all his own.  How can you pick one?
S'mores-love 'em or no? Ever make them indoors? Last time you sat around an outdoor fire? Are making s'mores and sitting round a fire pit on your autumn bucket list? Do you have an autumn bucket list?
I think I ate s'mores on a Girl Scout camping trip, but I don't recall how they tasted.  I've not had one since.  I don't have an autumn bucket list per se.  Let's just make it to 2016.
Your favorite small town? Why?
Weaver, Alabama (where I live currently) isn't so bad, but I don't really have a favorite.  Insert 80's music reference here:

Insert your own random thought here.
"Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'."


  1. I'm so sorry you're struggling with life. I do know God created us for purpose and knows the innermost parts of us. I pray you find comfort in the knowledge that you are loved by Him with an everlasting love.

    1. Thanks, Joyce. Your prayers mean a lot to me.

  2. Regarding your question "Why?" My answer is "Because YOU are worth the effort!" Jesus taught that the 2nd greatest commandment was to love your neighbor as you love yourself. You should love yourself because you are worth it. I hasten to add that it is not always easy to do that, however, I am convinced that it is well worth the effort! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Next year World Series...Red Sox vs. Braves! What do you think?