Friday, April 3, 2015

Auntie's Full Shelf Challenge 04

BookDream Thieves.

Author: Rick Renner

Info: Copyright 1992 Pillar Books;  Tulsa, OK

Where acquired: Thrift store find.

Why:  Finding this book comes at a pivotal time in my existence.  Dreams and goals for my life that I believe came from God seem to go unfulfilled.  I keep wondering what I'm doing wrong, and on occasion, wondering if I even heard from God.  I needed a balanced, Biblical perspective from which to draw instruction and encouragement.

Rating (on a scale of 1-4 hashtags):  # # # #

What it's about:  As someone who has battled the dream thieves, Rick Renner offers first hand advice on defeating both the inside and outside elements that derail one from fulfilling his purpose. 

Favorite Quotes

"To let go of your dream and to let the fire in your heart go out would be the greatest tragedy you could ever experience.  It is the equivalent of letting go of your uniqueness, your specialness, your individuality, your calling, and your gifting." -  pp. 1-2

"The closer you get to seeing your dream realized, and the closer you get to seeing the Word of God fulfilled in your life, the greater potential for pain and change." - p. 86.

"You see, patience is not passive....Patience is to aggressively choose to believe that God is faithful." p. 98

What I Liked:
  • The author doesn't employ pie in the sky, pipe dream thinking.  Nowhere in this book does he ever say, "Well if it's of God it will work out no matter what."  He says to have some sense, plan, think, work, ponder questions.  This is totally 180 degrees of what I'd dealt with in my walk with Christ.  I'd been taught that to question meant you weren't walking in faith and to plan and work were a means to steal God's glory and try to play God.  Renner gives a more Biblically accurate picture of the balance between faith, patience and work.
  • Mr. Renner is a Greek scholar and I like that he breaks down many of the scriptures to their exact meaning.  This gives a better picture of what is being said.
What I didn’t like: 
  • The book ends rather abruptly.  I felt like there was more that needed to be said or that I'd missed something.
  • Renner doesn't give help on how to know for sure that one's dream is from the Almighty.  It's written from the perspective of someone who knows for sure that it is.
To sum up
This book was a wonderful encouragement to me and I would recommend it to anyone who's struggling with finding or fulfilling their purpose in God.

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