Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sleepy Hollow: The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today:  Sunday, February 1, 2015

Outside my window … The dreich skies of Scottish winter have returned to Calhoun County, Alabama. 

I am thinking... about what my next move is.

I am thankful... For whomever is putting up old sermons on YouTube.  Many of these are ministers and sermons I heard after I first became a Jesus freak.  I've got my own Campmeeting going on here.

In the kitchen...  I'm working on learning to enjoy eating.  I want to eat without emotions, guilt, or shame attached to it.
I am creating... I'm still trying to finish up the quilt-ghan.  I'm in the home stretch though. 

I am going...  back to sleep after I finish this.  I came home after church and slept all afternoon.  I got up just in time to go to music practice.  Unfortunately, I do not have a workout in my bones today.
I am wondering... about why people have the need to feel important by belittling someone else by treating them like they're stupid...and why I'm always the person they pick?  Ugh!

I am reading... I'm in the home stretch of Big Girls Don't Whine.  I've also been given a copy of The Daniel Plan to chew on.
I am hoping... for a good week.

I am looking forward to...
 spring (no, I said that already),  Race season (no, I said that already).  You know, it kind of bothers me that I struggle with finding something to look forward to.  I want real things to look forward to and not merely pipe dreams.
I am learning
…  How much a miracle of God my teaching years were.  I subbed a couple of days and realized that I could never successfully teach preschool full time again.
Around the house... My roommate and I are trying plan what we want to do to spruce up the front and back porches.  As soon as the weather is remotely warm enough, we want to get started.  We're hoping to have some help with a couple of things.
I am pondering...  how to have a good year.
A favorite quote for today... 

"Anyone who says only crazy people cuss at inanimate objects has never owned a computer." - Me

"We celebrate birthdays where all you have to do is not die for 365 days, and yet we let people who have made our lives better walk around without knowing it." - Drew Dudley

"Satire is a messy thing. And like hot dogs, you don't want to see how it's made." - Greg Proops

One of my favorite things... Stretch blue jeans.  Whoever invented those is a genius.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Doctor appointment Monday, all the normal weekly activities the rest of the week.

A peek into my day...  

Today seemed like a hard day for everyone.  We all seemed so sluggish.  Worship was also difficult.  Sometimes musicians and ministers have to fight "the wall" where it seems that words or music are only getting about a foot away, slamming into a wall, and hitting the ground.  It's like it never reaches the congregation.  Hopefully, the wall will be torn down by next Sunday.

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