Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pink Hearts: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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Do you wear your heart on your sleeve, or keep your emotions tucked in tight?
Keeping my emotions tucked in tight has caused me to wear my emotions everywhere but my sleeve;  my hips, my belly, my thighs, etc.  For someone who constantly heard "you shouldn't feel that way," I'm on the hunt for balance.
How did you meet your closest friend?
I'm not sure who that would be, but most likely, I met him/her at church.
Pink lemonade, grilled salmon, cotton candy, pink grapefruit, a strawberry milkshake, or raspberry sorbet...of the pink foods listed, which one is your favorite? Least favorite? Which one have you most recently consumed?
Out of the items listed, my favorite would be the strawberry milkshake.  I've never had grilled salmon or raspberry sorbet and I like pink lemonade but haven't had cotton candy since I was in grade school and have only eaten yellow grapefruit, so I can't pick a least favorite.
Speaking of cotton candy... 

When were you last 'tickled pink' over something? Explain.
I substituted at the preschool for the past couple of days.  Little kids always crack me up, so they kept me tickled all day.
Are you a fan of television talk shows? Daytime, nighttime, or both? What's your favorite?
I used to be.  Daytime talk shows that actually talk about something interesting and have good guests were my favorite.  Nowadays, those are few and far in between.  My favorite nighttime talk show was The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson but he quit hosting the show in December.  I'll probably just watch reruns of that on YouTube.
When was the last time you wanted to ask a question, but felt too foolish to do so?
I daily have questions I wish I could ask, but feel like such a numbskull I don't dare ask.  It gets frustrating at times.
My favorite __________________right now is _________________.
My favorite pants right now are the stretch jeans I bought at the thrift store.
Insert your own random thought here.
I'm flabbergasted as to why people are so excited about the news that Harper Lee may write another novel.  My friends are beside themselves absolutely drooling because they want another book like To Kill a Mockingbird.  Why?  Why would people want more of a story like that? For those who've never read the book or viewed the movie: It's the story of a country lawyer who defends a black man falsely accused of rape.  The man was convicted, sent to prison, and was killed in prison for trying to escape.  Oh yeah, we need more literature like that.  Sure, let's foster more unnecessary hate and division.  No thank you; one forced reading in high school was enough.

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