Thursday, November 27, 2014

40 Days of Gratitude: Day 06

After two horrible days, I needed a good Thanksgiving holiday.  My original plans for the day changed because the Episcopal church didn't need extra help this year.  I was quite disappointed.  When I called the church earlier this week to confirm times, the secretary said though they didn't need the help, I could come eat anyway, but I didn't want to do that.  I wanted to help more than I wanted to eat.  So, scrap that.

My friend, Leah W, and I decided we were just going to pitch up at Huddle House and have a gab session--a good enough plan in itself.  However, a couple of our friends from church invited us to hang out with them, so we accepted the invitations and made a day of it.

Melissa, Jimmy, Leah
Stop One:  I'm thankful for my friends Jimmy and Melissa (his finance me--err--fiancé) and his family for such a fun welcome to their Thanksgiving gathering at Asberry Baptist Church in the Roy Webb community of JackVegas.  I felt very welcome, and there was plenty of laughter and food.  Oh man, the food!  I almost had to waddle to the car.  I pulled back just in time. 

Stop two:  Leah was puppysitting her "granddog," so we stopped by her place for me to meet "Chewbacca"--well, and for him to go pee.  I've often said that dogs and babies always love me.  Chewy was no exception.  At first, he sulked in his dog crate and wouldn't come out.  After he figured out I'd throw his ball to him (within reasonable slobbery limits) I immediately became his new best friend.  Today, I am thankful for puppy love.

Stop Three:  I am thankful for friends whose main focus is not what and how much I eat, but how much real "forever family" time we get to spend together.  Enter Robert and Brenda D, their two children, Amber, who is grown and soon to be married (bless her heart), and 9 year old Noelle, plus Amber's intended, Tyler.  Yes, we noshed on a scrumptious pasta dish, but the laughter and silliness did not stop.  It's my fault.  I started it by not figuring out how to handle their steep driveway.  Since Brenda had to park my car and Robert had to un-park it, I knew I wouldn't hear the end of the bad driver jokes.  Amongst the fun was mine and Noelle's rousing games of Uno.  She beat me 3 times before I finally won a game.  I quit playing while I was ahead. 

Thank you, Lord, for such a great day.


  1. It really was an amazing day with the family, thanks so much for the great memories on a day I really was afraid was gonna be miserable! Enjoy your recap of it here as well! PS: Chewy says "hey auntie" :)