Friday, November 28, 2014

40 Days of Gratitude: Day 07

After all the Thanksgiving fun, I slept in this morning.  After my morning coffee and study time, I got back in the workshop.

I am so thankful for adventures.  Did you know that stitch creativity can be an adventure?  Some patterns are old favorites I can just whip through since I already know their eccentricities.  New patterns with familiar techniques are fun, but there's not much adventure to them.  Then comes along a new pattern with new techniques.  I'm working on a Heidi Bears crochet pattern for a frog.  She uses a series of  pentagons, hexagons, and knitted cords to shape the item.  Never encountered that before.

For some reason, the easiest part of a pattern gives me the most trouble.  This pattern includes a number of knitted I-cords.  I-cord is short for "idiot" cord.  In other words, any idiot should be able to make this cord. 


Let's just say that I'm no idiot, but at first I felt like one.  I started, messed up, restarted, messed up, restarted,  breathed cuss words under my breath, etc, for several attempts.  Then, I decided to get online and see if I could crochet this thing.  There were simple instructions for it.  I tried it and it looked a hot mess full of split yarn.  So, I switched to different yarn and tried knitting it again, and shazzayum, it worked.  I got through about 4 of them (I've got to make 12) and had to quit while I could still feel my fingertips.  But I'm thankful that when I begin again tomorrow, I can complete this.  Hopefully you'll get a picture of the finished product tomorrow.

After the nonsense of Black Friday died down, I slid into Wal-Mart to pick up a few things (including a much needed windshield wiper blade) and check my blood pressure.  I am very grateful for the technology available in my pursuit of health.  However, technology can be flawed.  This was my BP today:

Fair?  How is 126/69 a "fair" blood pressure?  For the love of Mike! 

For reasons best left unsaid, though the day was a pretty good--or shall I say "fair"--, it was a very stressful one.  On the way back to the house, I drove over to my favorite pretty spot in Weaver, over on Cane Creek Circle.  I wish I knew someone who lived over there so I could actually get out, walk around, take better pictures, and actually enjoy the scenery without the fear of getting shot at.  Anyway, sunset over the creek was refreshing.  Then, back to the workshop I go.

I'm thankful for the beauty and diversity of quilts.  As someone who's sewn some butt-ugly baby quilts (sorry kids), I found it a great comfort when I learned how to convert some of the patterns to crochet.  In 2015, I'm planning to make more quilt type crochet afghans.  I'm getting ahead of the game by making some tracings and planning some projects out.  I spent the last part of the day getting that very enjoyable task done.

From Sewing With Nancy.

Yeah, I know this was CR night, but with the day I've had, I knew I didn't need to be around other people.  Hopefully, I can get back to routine next week. 

After another hard day, I am so very thankful it is over.  Good night, y'all.

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