Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meltdown Challenge: Day 03

Woke up feeling much better today.  No headache or queasy tummy.  Yay!

BUT, I've been tired all day.  I tried to take a late afternoon nap, but couldn't sleep.  Boo!

Seems like today's theme is FOOD!

Part of the process of this challenge is daily readings or videos.  Today's was on the importance of food journaling.  I hate keeping food journals.  I keep the one on the site because 1) I get points for it to complete the challenge and 2) because no one reads it anyway.  What's the point of me keeping up with how many times I've screwed up or having someone tell me that I should have eaten one carrot stick instead of two?  It's like I said on our team wall, I pretty much know what food is best for me, but have no idea what a real serving size is.  Let me work on that.

Roomie and I ran errands today and she just HAD to go to McDonald's.  By the grace of God, I chose a salad instead of a burger, fries, and a Coke.

No, she doesn't specifically know about the challenge.  That would be like cutting off my own right hand and slapping myself with it.  But Roommate knew I was trying to get healthy when I moved in.  I told her a while back that the food pushing made it seem like she didn't care.  Her response?, "I think I feel better when you're fat like me."  Bless her heart.

I'm not here to bash her by any means.  Her friendship is a Godsend.  I love her like she's my own grandmother and I wouldn't hurt her for the world.   I just don't know how to get it over to her nicely that no means no and how it feels when she ignores that boundary.  She can make for herself what she wants, but the daily food pushing is wearing me out.

4:30 p.m. - Oh, lawd, a friend of my roommate just came by bearing chili and cake.  #?@!!  If I don't get to the grocery store soon, I'm going to snatch myself baldheaded.  I am sitting in my office eating an apple and crying.  This is insane!

I'm going to my room and stay there until she goes to church so I can make myself a healthy dinner and try to workout.

6:45 p.m. - tried to workout and only got through 1/2 mile of indoor walking.  My hips are in agony.  Perky Girl couldn't even get me to go anymore.  No workout means no dinner for me.

I've already been informed by Roomie that it's burrito night at her church tonight and she's bringing home leftovers.

I'm going to bed.

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