Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Bird: The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today:  Saturday, August 2, 2014

Outside my window … Party cloudy skies, the roar of my next door neighbor trying to show off with his crappy lawnmower again.  Can you say "ghetto fabulous"?

Praising God for…  The patience of others, provision,
In prayer for...  my mental state (what else is new?), my business, the hurting and those who don't yet know Christ.

I am thinking... about fall, about how to get outside more.

I am thankful... for another day.  For a fabulous day at the Woodstock 5k today.
In the kitchen...  Leftovers.  Can you tell those are my favorite?  :)

I am wearing... Shorts and a tank top.

I am creating...
 Not much today.
I am going... to bed soon.
I am wondering... I'm still wondering about the skin rash thing I mentioned in an earlier post.  Once I get one spot well, another one crops up.  I think it was from changing laundry soap.  Well, I changed back, but it's still popping up.  Weird.  Well, I've got a check up on the 8th, so that will be one of the questions I'll ask the doctor. 
I am reading... I'm almost done with So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore.  This book is so insightful, and Beth Moore is a mess. 

I am hoping...
for a great week and all that it means.

I am looking forward to...
my sister Margie's 60th birthday party in November.
I am learning
… that "slow and steady wins the race" is a crock.

Around the house... Resting.
I am pondering...  I'm probably being a total butt about this, but I'm pondering over something that happened at the 5k today.  There was a team there called "Black Girls Run."  If there was a team that wanted to compete called "White Girls Run," I wonder would they be deemed racist and not allowed to compete?  Makes me wonder.  (They did have cool shirts though.)
A favorite quote for today... "If you read the instructions carefully, the first step to making ANY microwaveable meal is to throw away the box and then dig it out of the trash." - Derek Raulerson

One of my favorite things... I'm really taking a liking to yellow Gatorade.  This doesn't necessarily constitute a favorite, but it's a long way from my former loathing of any form of Gatorade.

NOTE:  I kind of wish she'd let us list one of our least favorite things.  Just a thought.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Church tomorrow, working in the workshop, Sav-A-Life on Monday, community band starts again Tuesday.  I've got a doctor's appointment Friday. 

A peek into my day...  Ran in my first ever Woodstock 5k this morning. It's the biggest race put on by Anniston Runner's Club.  I'd run races with a couple hundred people, but never more than 1,000.  This was more like a festival with a race thrown in.  I finished in 57:42;  ahead of the 90-year old and the chick who cheated on her time card at the Gamecock Gallup last year.  Yes, I'm still mad about that.  I'm already looking forward to next year.

My arch nemesis 90-year old Mr. Smallwood.

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