Friday, August 15, 2014

Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable?: The Friday 5

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Mammalian traits are this week's Friday 5 focus.
  1. Have you drunk the milk of some animal other than a cow? If so, how was it?  Yes, I've had the milk of the illusive Soy.  I'm not sure what kind of animal this is, but its milk is horrible.  Not in taste, but in effect.  What milk from a cow does to some people, milk from the Soy animal does to me.  I refuse to try almond milk.  I had to dodge an Almond animal on the highway once.  Dangerous...and the milk would probably taste gamey.
  2. How sensitive are you to changes in atmospheric temperature?  I'm more sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure.  They say it's an old wives' tail, but drastic changes in pressure can cause physical responses  (bones aching, headache, etc.).
  3. How do you feel about your body hair?  I wish the hair on my head was longer, but I like it.  The rest of my body hair is just there until I shave it.
  4. What’s something you know about the moment of your birth or the events immediately before and after?  I'm the only one of my siblings to be born in a hospital instead of by midwife.  According to my mom, she was in labor with me for nearly three days.  She also said that I tried to emerge arm first, but somehow turned myself.  I guess I had to feel around for daylight before I dared come into this crazy world.
  5. What non-mammalian animal do you feel the most kinship with?  The butterfly.  My word for the year is metamorphosis.  I am in my cocoon just waiting to emerge beautiful and free.

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