Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Minute Friday: "Bloom"

Thanks to Lisa-Jo Baker at Five Minute Friday for the prompts.
The first phrase/cliché that came to mind when I saw the prompt was   "Bloom where you're planted."  Unfortunately, that's not always possible. I love plants and flowers.  As you can see, I've usually got a green thumb.  Every spring, I look forward to seeing what perennials come back or need replacing, and cleaning debris out of containers for planting new annuals.  
Since I've moved, however, I've not taken much time with plants or flowers, and I've suffered for it--or I should say, my plants have suffered for it.  This was a luscious Peace Lilly brought from my old place.  But, I put it in the wrong spot and it's nearly dead. I'm going to try to rehab it.  It's been through a lot, so it might make it.
My point is this, just as no plant can simply bloom wherever it's planted, no human can either.  If a person is planted in the wrong "soil," he will not thrive.  The soil of criticism, the soil of loneliness, the soil of depression, the soil of hate--no one can thrive or bloom in this kind of dirt.  The only hope for survival of a plant is to uproot from the bad soil, wash the roots, and plant in new soil.  The tender shoot will need lots of nourishment, water, and TLC in order to spring forth new green shoots and flowers.  In order for a person to begin to thrive again, he must uproot from "bad dirt," wash the roots of his mind with God's word, and hopefully find friends who are nourishing and loving.

09/10/14 UPDATE:  The poor plant died.  It didn't have a chance.  :(