Thursday, May 29, 2014

Celebrations II: Auntie's Baby Graduates High School 2014 [30 Day Photo Blog]

Shantaylor & Ferendez

Four kids from my family graduated high school this month.  Michael graduated from a high school in Georgia.  Breon and Shantaylor both graduated from Anniston High School.  Unfortunately, I am not as close to these three as I would like.  I am very close to the fourth, Ferendez, who also graduated from Anniston High School tonight.  I guess it's because at one point, we lived next door to each other and  even after they moved, we spent lots of time together.  His two sisters and I are also very close.

I share these pictures to say, Ferendez Lowery, Auntie loves you and I am very, very proud of you.  Just remember what I said, the day you think you too old for me to hug and kiss you is the day I write you out of my will.  ;)


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