Friday, September 13, 2013

Five Minute Friday: "Mercy"


A commonly used "southernism" is "Lord, have mercy."  How often to I say that and mean it?  How often do I truly lean on God's mercy instead of my own efforts  Not enough, I'm afraid.

Other things the word "mercy" brings to mind:

Jesus said in Matthew chapter 9, "I desire mercy more than sacrifice"

The phrase "show no mercy" is ringing in my ears.  I think I've given myself too much mercy.  I was doing so much better when I was harder on myself.  Seems like my life was going in the right direction.  I started giving myself a little grace, then a little more grace, then everything seemed to tumble around me.  I must work harder and get myself together.

A song from Women of Faith's album Extravagant Grace comes to mind.  They sing a song called "Wonderful, Merciful, Savior."  We sang it at my home church one Easter.  I listen to it often.

The group MercyMe comes to mind.

I'm running to the mercy seat...


Five Minute Friday prompts are found here.


  1. "I must work harder and get myself together." And by mercy, you will be able to do that. :-)

    Visiting from FMF