Friday, August 11, 2017

Five Minute Friday: "Place"

Know you place.
Keep your place.
Put you in your place.
Everything in its place.
My place in this world.
Place cards.
First Place.
My own place.

I know I mention it a lot, but one of my lifelong dreams is to have my own house--my very own piece of paradise.  While I'm not extremely fastidious about housekeeping and I enjoy messy creativity, I look forward to my things not being crammed in boxes, bags, corners of a small room, or as in this case, the trunk and seats of a '96 Honda Accord.  I'm ready for a place where I can spread out and stay spread out.  I want a place for everything and everything in its place.

With my upcoming move (3 days!! AAAAH!), I will get to establish my place in a new community.  With all the work I've done with my mentor, I want my place with my new neighbors to be one of equality.  My place is not to continue to cloister myself away because I don't feel that I'm good enough or that I don't belong.  New space--new place.

Prompts provided by Mrs. Kate over at Five Minute Friday.


  1. We've been renting the same place for 19 years. I've longed for us to own our own place so that truly call my own. But I've recently come to realize that I need to learn to be content where God has me now. I've started making some changes so that our current place can feel more like home even though it isn't maintained like I would want it to be. I've created a little oasis in the back yard and added some touches to make it feel more like home to me.

    1. Exactly. I will most likely have to rent for a time as I save for a house. But I'd like to be a place I can make my own; not like the government run house I was in.

  2. Shannon, do you know how truly heroic you are? I am in awe of your strength and humour.

    #1 at FMF this week.