Friday, June 30, 2017

Going Natural: Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today:  Friday, June 30, 2017

Outside my window  We've had several drought-busting rain showers this week...about four of them today!  Others have complained, but I've enjoyed the rain.  I've been wound up tighter than a Slingerland drumhead, and the rain has made me start to slow down and relax.

We really don't
want to go there
I am thinking...  about cutting my hair and "starting it over."  I really don't want to do that.  I hated how I looked with short hair (like my Mom's youngest SON instead of her daughter).  I look and feel better with longer hair.  However, I used to have help with it because I couldn't do a thorough job with on my own.  I think if I could get one good relaxer, hot oil treatment, and style from a salon, it would set me up to better take care of it.  The problem is 1) it's really freakin' expensive and 2) it seems that hair salons that specialize in black hair want to keep everything secret so you have to keep coming back to them to have decent looking hair.  Sorry, but that ain't me (see #1).  And, no, I can't go "natural."  I don't have nice, soft African hair; if I let my hair grow natural, it takes on the consistency of an old Brillo Pad.  Try combing that!  In the words of Martin Lawrence, "ya' hair's so nappy, Wilson couldn't pick it."
I am thankful...  for my Mom.  Her 84th birthday was last weekend.  She is still healthy and strong all because, as she says, she refuses to hang out with "old people."
From the Workshop...

"Fear the Beak"
8x10 acrylic on canvas.
Read more about it here.

I am reading... For the first time this year I actually had a book I couldn't finish.  I reviewed what I did read here.  Yes, it was that bad.

Currently off the shelf (among the pile):

I also finished several books this month:
  • The three remaining books in Janette Oke's Seasons of the Heart series I started last year.
  • The Bluebird and the Sparrow by Janette Oke.
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass.  Please see my review here.
I am let go of what really doesn't matter and grab hold and not let go of what does. 

Favorite quote(s) of the week
"God didn't save you for you to sit in church and be comfortable." - Pastor Rod Parsley

"Rejection isn't just an emotional feeling.  It's a message that alters what you believe about yourself.  And the minute you sense that happening is the minute you must stop the runaway thinking with truth." - Lysa TerKeurst
I am looking forward to... 
  • Independence Day.  I'll have a much needed day off.
  • August - God is setting me up for some big things.  More to come on that later.
  • New challenges.  See below.

And now for something totally different...

Five Minute Friday word of the week:  Expect
In my newest incarnation of the 101 in 1001 list, I have several 30 day challenges.  For the month of July, I'd like to tackle 30 days of 10,000 steps and 30 days of letter writing.  I'm going to take these challenges as a catalyst to learn to use the Instagram app as well.  If you want to join me and/or see my progress, my Instagram handle is sdmadd1.  See you there!

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