Sunday, October 16, 2016

31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes 2016 - 16: "Little"


Little things mean so much.

The hug of a friend.
The laughter of co-workers.
A fresh cup of coffee.
A card that says "I care."
Strangers opening the door for you.

The Bible says that the little foxes spoil the vine (Song of Solomon 2:15).  While very true, I believe that reverse is also true.  Little lambs--little bits of kindness and caring make people grow.  Sometimes I get caught up in wanting to do the BIG things for God (the "exploits" spoken of in Daniel 11:32), but I'm seeing lately that a whole lot of little things done to honor God and love people pleases God, mean the world to others, and does wonders for my own psyche as well.

Little adjustments mean a lot.  Just like it takes a very small correction of a degree or two to get a huge jet back on course and keep it there, small adjustments can get my life back on course and keep it there.


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