Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lose Your Quit Quest 19

Step 19:  Reach new heights with new tools.

The fitness industry is always touting some "new and improved" item;  a new wonder diet that supposed to trim inches in hours while keeping you chained to the toilet, or a new exercise regimen that's supposed to give you washboard abs while snapping you in half and making you so tired that you can't pee.  That's part of the problem, In trying to keep up with what's new, the industry neglects the "old fashioned" things that actually work.  Why?  Hard work, dedication, and permanent nutrition changes don't sell.  Quick and easy does.  The phrase "with minimal effort" comes to mind.

However, there are newer takes on standard diet and exercise that are feasible:
  • Kettlebell workouts - although kettlebells were invented hundreds of years ago, there has been a recent surge in using them in interval training and alternative weight training.
I'm practicing this with a dumbbell until I can buy a kettlebell

  • The Daniel Plan - This plan was developed by Saddleback Church as a practical biblical approach to fitness. In reading and reviewing the book that outlines the plan, I did point out that there is a little bit of "voo-doo science" in it, but for the most part, the advice is sound.  The church also has a website and online community for accountability.

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) - this type of training infuses short bursts of intense cardiovascular exercise with less intense recovery periods.  I like this approach because instead of trying and failing to do dozens of repetitions, I've got an active rest that fuels me for the next set of reps.
I tend to find lower impact alternatives to many of the jumping exercises.
  • Silver Sneakers - Wait, you're not "silver."  Yes I know that, but although this workout is designed for older people, I can make this workout as hard or as easy as I want it.  It combines resistance bands, dumbbells, a rubber ball, and a chair to give you a full body workout.  Plus, the participants in the Silver Sneakers class at the YMCA are a riot!  While people my age are already picking out their nursing home, these seniors are working it and staying OUT of the nursing home.
This is from a different Y, but you get the idea.
Though there is something to be said for trying something new, don't let the "tried and true" fall by the wayside.

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