Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lose Your Quit Quest 14

Step 14:  Go where the knowledge is free

Getting fit can be ridiculously expensive especially when any goober can claim to be a fitness guru and sell people anything.  Heck, even Dr. Oz has had to say that everything with his picture and name isn't endorsed by him.  Most times quality costs a pretty penny.  However, I've got a list of places where fitness help and information is free (or at least really cheap. - this website and their YouTube channel has hundreds of free at home workouts, plus sound nutritional information.  They do offer products for sale, but they have a ton of free content.
 One of my favorite workouts from Fitness Blender.
BeFit's YouTube channel - like fitness blender, this channel has a plethora of various free workouts.
The local YMCA - Most Y's offer a week's trial pass for those who've never used their facilities, plus many periodically offer free classes and programs.  In fact, the YMCA of Calhoun County is planning to open up a diabetes prevention program as soon as we have enough participants.  Yes, I know it's a shameless plug for my workplace.  :) 
The public library - many libraries have books on fitness and nutrition, plus workout videos and DVD's for checkout.
Facebook groups - There are several fitness groups on Facebook that offer encouragement and fellowship.  I participate in the Anniston Runner's Club group.  I've recently joined the NEABA (a cycling group).  I'm still considering joining Black Girls Run - this website is a faith based approach to fitness.
Your doctor - yes, I know it costs money to go to the doctor, but if he is worth his salt, he'll answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. - Health pinners have a lot of good information, but BE CAREFUL.  I've seen many pins loaded with dangerous misinformation.  Have fun, but be wise. 
Online health magazines.  Reputable magazines like Prevention and Runner's World offer free articles online.
Yard Sales and Thrift stores are good places to find books, videos, and equipment for a reasonable price.  
So, what are some free or inexpensive places you've found for information and assistance in your health quest?

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