Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lose Your Quit Quest 12

Step 12:  Grab Data as fast as you can/build a personal library.

I put these two together because a) Step 12 and step 14 on the original list seem to be pretty much the same thing, and 2) on a separate blog post from  the creator of the list, he changes step 14 to "build a personal library."

This step is important because whether for inspiration or information, we need something to refer back to.  As I'll talk about in step 14, building a personal library doesn't have to be expensive.  Many items in my collection came from library book sales, thrift stores, used book sales on Amazon.com, gifts from friends, and free offers from websites. 

Along with online workout videos, these DVD's are an important part of my arsenal, especially when the weather doesn't cooperate for outdoor play.

My collection of books on physical health looks small, but my personal library on mental and spiritual health fills a bookshelf and a couple of milk crates.  Many of these I have read, but I have many more to go.

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