Friday, February 5, 2016

Five Minute Friday: "Focus"

Our Mistress of Ceremonies for the Five Minute Friday is Kate over at Heading Home.  Hope you link up with us and join the fun.


I recently watched a webinar on maintaining focus on yearly goals/resolutions.  The speaker had some great talking points that I believe will help me succeed at my goals this time.
Lately, it's been very hard from me not to lose focus.  New responsibilities, people who don't want to hear no, and just the general spin of my brain are all distractions. 
On my phone, this picture looked focused
The way for me to gain and maintain focus has been to ask the question, "Is this going to take you where you want to go?  Is this bringing you closer to what you believe God wants for you or further away from it?"  More often than not, if the answer is no, I drop it.  There are still occasions where comfort wins over focus, but I'm getting better.
Just as in life, pictures are fun, but focused pictures are more enjoyable.  It's extremely frustrating when I think I'm sharing a great looking photo only to find out it's out of focus.  It looked great on my phone or digital camera, but the minute I see it on a bigger screen, it's horrible.  I must look at my life on a bigger "screen" so that it will be in proper focus.


  1. Good stuff, friend. Yes, I often do that same thing, "Is this taking me closer to my ultimate goal?"
    I also get that "out of focus" bit. I've done that same's all seems in focus but on the big screen, it's all fuzzy. Frustrating... but each time, I learn something new!
    Thanks for sharing these words with us. Happy Friday to you! (Your neighbor at FMF)

  2. Those are great questions to ask, and I've been asking myself similar questions. I'm glad I linked up near you at Kate's place! Happy Friday!

  3. Oh, yes. I am one who tends to get lost along the side trails. A little more focus and a little more questioning about whether doing something will get me to my end goals would definitely help!

    1. It's a challenge. Sometimes my mind just goes, "Squirrel!" and I have to pull it back. :)

  4. Love this!!! Great advice. 'Is this going to take me where God wants me to go?'

    ~#8 at FMF