Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Titters from the Twitter (and Other Places): December 2014

This will be the final installment of this series.  But, fear not, the humor will not end.  I will include this as part of the "random thoughts" section of the hodgepodge or daybook prompts. That way, the jokes will be fresher.  There's just too much goofiness not to share it at all.  Enjoy!

12/04:  From Twitter:  @honesttoddler tweeted:  "They put a big tree in the middle of the living room and said 'don't touch.' Didn't work in the Garden of Eden and it's not gonna work here."

12/04:  From somewhere on Facebook:

12/09:  From Facebook:  K.Tierce shared:

12/10:  From Facebook:  S.DiBiase shared:

12/10:  From Facebook:  E.Renfroe shared:

12/17:  From Twitter:  @DaveRamsey tweeted:  "We LOVE our customers. But the customer is NOT always right. 2% of the public should be institutionalized. Behave."

12/19:  From Twitter:  @JeffBryanDavis tweeted:  "Until North Korea releases its stranglehold on American cinema, I’m referring to kimchi as 'Freedom Slaw.'"

12/19:  From YouTube:  Rick and Bubba uploaded:

12/27:  From Twitter @bridger_w  tweeted:  "I had a rock in my shoe so I took off my shoe and removed the rock from my shoe. I'm not waiting until 2015 to change my life for the better."

12/28:  From Twitter:  @JeffBryanDavis tweeted:  I'd be a bad NFL coach. I dislike standing, and if you ever sneak up and pour icy Gatorade on me I will destroy you in grand fashion.

12/28:  From Facebook:  Nerdgasm shared:

12/30:  From Facebook:  K.Tierce shared:

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