Monday, December 22, 2014

40 Days of Gratitude: Day 31

After a rough week that's leading into the final push of the holidays...

I am thankful for the early Christmas present of the blessing of some things I needed.  God continues to try to bless me, yet in my mind I keep trying to reject it because I don't feel I've earned it.  I'm glad that God is so patient.

I am thankful that after today's weigh in that the damage was not that severe:

I'm thankful that I only have 3 miles to go to meet my mile a day goal for Anniston Runners Club.  Now, if I could get over whatever's ailing me so I can get in those miles.  I've had sinus drainage and laryngitis that sounds like I've been gargling concrete, plus just a general puny feeling.  I think part of it's mental.  I should feel much better after Christmas.

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