Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Red, White & Blue: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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We celebrate Veteran's Day in the US of A on November 11th. When did you last interact with a member of the armed forces (either currently serving or retired)? Have you ever written a letter to a soldier, bought a meal or coffee for a solider, said an unprompted thank you to a soldier you encountered out and about somewhere? If you're not in the US, comment on a similar holiday in your own country.
Several veterans and current members of the U.S. military participated in the Kyle Comfort Memorial 5k this weekend.  This is the 3rd time I've done this race; it's one of my favorites.  The proceeds benefit the families of fallen soldiers.  I've not had the privilege of doing anything for a particular soldier, but I am working on little ways I can show my appreciation for their service.
You can have fifty pounds of anything at all (except money)...what would you choose?
At this moment, 50 pounds of extra working arms and hands that can paint and crochet would be most helpful.
When did you last receive an invitation in the 'real' mail? What was it for and did you attend? When it comes to RSVP-ing, are you an 'early responder' or a 'last minute, barely-under-the-wire' kind of guest?
A couple of months ago, my friend sent me an invitation to her daughter's baby shower.  I didn't attend, but I did send a gift.  I usually try to RSVP early, especially if it's an occasion where an accurate head count is needed for food, space, etc.
What's something you really don't like to waste?
Time.  I try not to waste time myself and I can't stand when people waste my time and don't care that they've wasted it.
Cheers, Friends, MASH, Seinfeld...of the ones listed, your favorite long-running sitcom?
I didn't like any of these at all.  The Cosby Show was my favorite.
What decision are you glad you made?
Moving out of JackVegas.
In this month of 'Thanksgiving' what is one thing that's different today than it was a year ago that you're grateful for?
A better outlook on life.  My goal now is to make through the cold months with a positive outlook.  Winter is a hard season for me. Hoping this year will be different.
Insert your own random thought here.
Getting ready for a craft sale this weekend, finishing up the Meltdown Challenge, and dealing with the Week of Woman all in the same week.  I am a big ball of crazy!


  1. That 5K is a great way to honor the vets on Veteran's Day! I loved the Cosby show too, they don't make them like that anymore ;). Have fun at your craft sale this weekend, and good luck/prayers for the upcoming winter. You can do it!!

  2. Crocheting and Painting wow! I crochet and knit. Have a great weekend.

    1. I also knit, just not very well. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  3. We enjoyed The Cosby Show too. Have fun this busy full weekend!