Monday, November 10, 2014

Meltdown Challenge: Day 36

With one week to go, I weighed in this morning.

I'm up two pounds from last week.  :(

I'm disgusted and angry.  Yes, I had one bad eating day (Saturday).  But my workouts were on point, plus I ran a 5k this weekend.  See, this is why I keep saying "cheat" days are detrimental and ridiculous.  ADDICTS DON'T GET CHEAT DAYS!  I didn't even intend to have a bad day.  I hadn't set up a cheat day.  The stress of getting ready for the craft sale got to me and I went nuts and binged.  Now, I may have ruined my chance to succeed in this challenge.

I have one week to loose eight pounds. I'm trying not to panic.  The big temptation is to work out like crazy and starve.  I had to tell myself this morning that the best thing for my body is not to starve, but to nourish; not to work my self to death, but to enjoy the movement.  I may not succeed at this, but I'm not going out like a punk. 

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